Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

If you want to know the truth of God, you’ve come to the right place. Church Lexington is one of a kind. We’re here to teach you about Jesus and His love for you. Join us for Calvary Chapel Lexington Bible teaching and get to know the most important person in your life. Church Lexington is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry, teaching the Bible with the help of various speakers. We are not a church or a Sunday school. There are many places teaching the Bible. But how do you know if they are telling the truth? Church Lexington teaches the Bible God’s way! This means not adding or taking away from what He says in His Word. Join us and learn from His truth! You’ve been searching for answers, and we have the answer. We are a unique place where you can know the truth of God. With our free Bible-teaching podcasts, sermons, and Bible study courses, you can learn more about the Bible than any other church in your area. Visit now to see what we have to offer! Church Lexington is a unique place where you can come and know the truth of God. We are a Bible teaching church, where the gospel is taught, and people worship and grow. Our goal is to help you come to know Christ, grow in your understanding of scripture, and to teach others. Do you want to know the truth of God and what Jesus’s life is all about? This is not a Bible study class. This is an experience. You will be joining us on this journey to explore what the bible has to say about your relationship with Jesus Christ, just like those who sat around Jesus to hear Him talk. Come here and explore this uncharted territory that Jesus has for you. You’ll never find the truth of God until you come to Calvary Bible Teaching. We’re a unique place where you can know the truth, without having to follow any man-made religious rules or tradition. What are you waiting for? It’s time for some Bible teaching! Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church that teaches God’s word from the Bible. We teach the Bible using a variety of methods and applications, connecting people with God and each other. We are a place for people to learn about God, which is the most important thing in our world. We know that life can be messy. But we also know the truth of God and that life is what you make it. Join us for Bible teaching, where you can learn and grow with people who just want to love you and help you find peace.

Love God, Love People, Preach The Word At A Church In Lexington County.

Calvary Chapel Lexington  purpose is to help you know and love God, as well as your neighbor. We are a church that is on a mission to know and love God, love people, and preach the Word of God. Living in the areas of excellence and balance is what we are all about. The Church In Lexington County wants to equip you and encourage you in your walk with Christ, by teaching the Bible, reaching out to those in need of Jesus, and providing opportunities for worship. Join us for Bible study, worship and prayer. You will find a loving environment where you can grow in your faith. Church In Lexington County offers dynamic Bible teaching, classes, events and a community who desire to know and love Jesus. Calvary Chapel Lexington  mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, grow in faith together and serve the needs of our community. Church In Lexington County is a church that is committed to preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible. There is no other place where you can know the truth of God in such an intimate way. We are a family. Come on Sunday and find out for yourself! Whether you are looking for a refreshing worship experience or a new way to grow in your faith, you have come to the right place. We offer Bible Study groups, children’s ministry, and weekly services that celebrate all of God for us. You deserve to know the truth, and we are here to help you find it. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Church In Lexington County wants to introduce you to this wonderful Savior before it’s too late. We are a place where you can know the truth about God and yourself, and experience His deep love for you. We want to help you know Jesus as more than just a religious figure or something from your past- rather. Calvary Chapel Lexington  is a place where you can know the truth of God. We will show you how to love God and love people. We will teach you how to preach the Word. We’re not your average church. We believe that God’s Word is the Living Word and we want to help you know it too. You’re not alone on this journey. You don’t need to feel like you have the right words or that you are going through this alone. We’re here for each other and we want to be there for you too. Church In Lexington County offers two main services, a Saturday evening teaching service, and a Sunday morning teaching service. These are in addition to our many other special events and local outreach opportunities. We are more than a church, we are Calvary Church – a place where you can know the truth of God.

Why Choose A Church In Lexington?

Choose to come and meet us and join us at Calvary Chapel Lexington on a Sunday morning and you will be pleased. We are a modern Church In Lexington, KY that is passionate about connecting people to Jesus. With Bible Teaching at Calvary you can read and listen to God’s word in a way that fits into your busy life. You’ll find sermons, Bible studies, worship, prayer, and more. You’ll also hear from God’s people as they share their thoughts on what they’re learning in God’s word: what they’re struggling with and how they’re growing. At Calvary Bible Teaching Church In Lexington, we are your best choice. We are committed to seeing people come to know the love of God through Jesus Christ. We have something for everyone with a variety of ministries and age ranges. Calvary Bible Church is a Christ-centered, Bible teaching church with a warm and welcoming environment, which is why we were voted “the best Church In Lexington.” We want to help you get to know the love of God through us. We offer small group Bible studies, classes for all ages, kids’ ministries, and more. We could talk about what we do all day, but it’s better when you come and see it for yourself. You’re invited to any of our services at Calvary to experience Bible Teaching At Calvary first-hand. When you walk in, you’ll feel the love of God and realize that we are your best choice. God is love and what better place to learn about this than Calvary. God’s word is shown in a way that appeals to all backgrounds and is approachable for everyone. We are a growing Church In Lexington with three campuses. We are a family-friendly, Bible-teaching, Christ-centered place that is committed to making disciples and transforming lives. “Jesus said ‘ I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ John 14:6. ” The Bible Teaching at Calvary invites you to come and know Jesus, our Savior. We teach from God’s word, the Bible, so you can know what He has done for all of us. We hope you will choose to be a part of our church family! Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible teaching church that worships in Christ’s name and is committed to keeping the Bible as its only rule of faith and practice. We believe the Bible is both reliable and practical; it tells you not only what you must believe, but also how you should live. Join us for Bible Teaching At Calvary, where each week we’ll deep dive into the scriptures and provide you with practical tools for spiritual growth. We are committed to providing a safe, loving environment where you can find the peace of Christ and a welcoming community of faith.

Bible Teaching And Outreach At The All-In-One Church In Gilbert.

Bible Teaching At Church In Gilbert is an outreach and teaching ministry that strives to impact those who have been touched by the Living Word of God. The goal is to reach the lost, the hurting, and the broken for Jesus Christ. Bible Teaching At Calvary Chapel Lexington is a place for anyone to seek God. We’re an all-in-one church, with multiple services and ministries, so that we can make Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior accessible to all. Visit us today to learn more! The teaching and outreach of the Bible happens in Calvary church to enlighten the minds of the people. This is done by various means, such as sermons, bible studies, lectures and evangelism. Go deeper in your spirituality and grow spiritually with Bible Teaching at Calvary. Calvary Chapel Lexington teaching is deeper than just the surface level meaning. Church In Gilbert teaching goes beyond what is said to what is meant. Come grow with us so you can know the Lord in a deeper way and be set free from the shackles of sin! The Bible teaches us the way of salvation and our relationship with God. As you explore this site, you’ll find that we believe in a Bible-based Christianity, and know that there is no other way to be saved. We offer a wealth of resources for you to learn about the Bible and about how it can change your life. You’ll immediately see the difference in our services. From the music to the message, we offer a meaningful experience for you and your entire family. Church In Gilbert is committed to producing sermons that are both memorable and grounded in Scripture. Whether it’s our Sunday services or Wednesday night Bible teaching, we want to assure you that you will find your spiritual home here at Calvary. Connect with God and your community at Calvary this sermùn. With weekly bible teaching, worship, fellowship, and outreach, we’re here for you. The Bible is the story of God’s love in action for people who need a Savior. It is also the story of what Jesus taught, and how His followers have lived as one body of believers. At Church In Gilbert believe that the Bible is Calvary Chapel Lexington guide to life and answers to all questions. You are welcome, whether you are an unbeliever, looking for new life in Christ or a seasoned follower. Bible teaching At Calvary is a non-denominational church with a heart for outreach. We’re a church that believes in Jesus and all of His teachings. We exist to help people’s lives through the Word of God, which we believe to be the only truth. And we welcome everyone and want everyone to know the wonderfulness of Jesus Christ.

Gilbert SC Church Near Me.

We are Calvary Chapel Lexington, a church near you. We’re passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. We know if you’re reading this, we’re closer than you think! Gilbert SC Church is committed to being faithful in our teaching of the Bible. As believers, we have a responsibility to learn and live out the truths and principles of Scripture, in order to grow and thrive spiritually. It’s true, Gilbert SC Church is closer to you. You can come to Calvary Chapel Lexington community of believers and find a place where you belong. You can come to our services and hear the message of hope and healing that God sends us all. We want you to know that there is a place for you here. Do you need someone to teach you about the Bible? Gilbert SC Church  is here to help. We have a variety of classes and teachers on a wide range of topics so there should be something for everyone.Come and experience the closeness of God with Calvary. This is the place where you are loved unconditionally, where you are a priority no matter what, and where you are accepted just as you are. There is an atmosphere of love and patience. It’s time to take a step closer to God. Bible Teaching At Calvary is a nonprofit organization that uses biblical teachings for kids, teens, and adults. We’re committed to bringing quality bible lessons in your home, in a way that engages every member of your family. Bible Teaching At Calvary is a ministry where we believe in the power of God’s word to transform, minister, and heal. As a church, we are committed to ministering to people through the Bible. We love all people, because all people are loved by God. The Bible is the ultimate source of knowledge and life. Yet, not many people know how to read it or understand it. Fortunately, you can learn the Bible with us. Gilbert SC Church offers small, intimate Bible studies and sermon series for a deeper understanding of the Word of God to equip you for life. We believe that outreach is not accomplished just through social media but through the Word of God. We do not want to live in isolation from those around us but want to extend the love of Christ to people who are close to us and also to those who are far away. We want to be your church family. The Bible talks about being a family of many. We want you to be part of that. Calvary Chapel Lexington is the church that is close to you, where you can feel at home and connected.

Churches In Columbia SC That Teach The Bible.

If you are looking for a church where you can learn more about the Bible, search no further. Calvary Chapel Lexington ministry is all about teaching the Bible and we have teachers who commit themselves to know the Bible inside and out so they can teach it to others. Churches In Columbia SC also have a bookstore that sells Christian books, Bibles, and other resources. Come and learn how to apply the Bible to your everyday life. Every Sunday, we’ll teach you a passage of scripture and how to apply it to your life. We put it in an easy, one-page lesson that’s perfect for busy people who want the word of God, but don’t have the time to sit through. Churches In Columbia SC believe that God created us to have a relationship with Him and it doesn’t matter whether you’re online or offline-our goal is to help you connect with Him. That’s why we teach the Bible and make sure that you know that He loves you no matter what. Calvary Chapel Lexington hosts Bible teaching for all ages. We have classes for kids and adults, as well as opportunities to put down roots in our community. We invite you to join us and learn so that you can grow closer to God every day. Join us each Sunday for Bible teaching and worship! We have a live stream for those who cannot make it in person. It’s time to get real! At Calvary, you’ll find a Bible Teaching that’s relevant to your life. Calvary Chapel Lexington Bible Teaching is practical, relevant and most importantly, real. We understand the challenges you face today and equip you with Biblical truths to move forward. There are many churches to choose from, and we understand that. But what makes us different from the rest is that we teach the Bible. All Sundays of the year, we are teaching the Bible. And all our teaching is done by expert teachers who have a lot to share with you. So, don’t wait any longer, come on down and hear God’s Word for yourself! Join us for Bible Teaching At Churches In Columbia SC. All the popular topics like Heaven, Hell, the Holy Spirit, and more will be covered. Be part of a church that teaches the Bible, instead of just talking about it. We’re making eternity achievable and this is your invitation to come and see what’s possible. There’s no better thing in the world than learning about Jesus Christ and His salvation from sin. We are a church that teaches the Bible. Churches In Columbia SC have a variety of classes for you to choose from, and we will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ.