Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)
Welcome to Calvary Chapel Church West Columbia SC! At Calvary Chapel Lexington, we strive to lead a life that is focused on Jesus. Our Bible teaching at the Church and in the classroom is all about understanding godly character and the nature of God’s love. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible-based church that has been teaching and preaching the Word of God since it was established. We have a wonderful, happy, loving family of people who know the real way. They have their own teaching series which are based on the Bible and they also do a lot of outreach work locally and internationally as well. At Calvary Chapel Church West Columbia SC, we offer a variety of Bible teaching classes and activities that give your family the opportunity to connect with God and other Christians. Our church teaches your children to love God and read His Word. We believe in living our lives the way God tells us to. “I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance.” – John 10:10. Join us Sundays with our Bible teaching. We want to feed you and your family with the Word of God so that we may all grow in grace, together, Jesus died for your sin, because he loves you. Come join our small group Bible study! Calvary Chapel Lexington is the perfect place to meet with friends, find a new church home, or get a fresh start! Our discipleship group is made up of like-minded believers from all walks of life, who support one another and spend time reflecting on their lives as Christians. We host Bible studies, fellowship events, prayer meetings, and various other activities designed to make life better. Spirit-filled church with a biblical message, local community, and contemporary worship. Our church has been teaching the Word of God to diverse members through Bible studies, children’s programs, and weekend services. As the spiritual needs of the community grow, Calvary Chapel Lexington continues to serve the area. We have a Sunday morning service for adults and children which offers great Bible teaching, as well as a community service. Thoroughly equipped and designed to connect the first-time visitor or those returning to Calvary Chapel ministry. Step into the rich life of Calvary Chapel! Our team invites you to experience our wonderful fellowship and inspired Bible teaching. Are you looking for a Bible teaching church in Lexington? Church West Columbia SC is a Church providing the best bible teaching services in the area. Calvary Chapel Church West Columbia SC is a Bible-centered church that values family, fellowship, and healthy living. A message of salvation from sin, the Bible, and Jesus Christ is the heart of all we do. We aim to share the Word of God and give others hope through our ministry. Our mission is to serve Christ through the living Word of God, serving as guides for believers of all ages. At Calvary Chapel Church West Columbia SC, we believe the Bible is our supreme authority in all matters of faith. We want to help you grow closer to God and to your family members by teaching from the Bible. Our team of trained teachers is ready to meet you and your family’s needs.

Love God, Love People, Preach The Word At A Church In West Columbia SC.

Are you looking for a church that loves God, loves people, and preaches the Word? You’ve found it! At Calvary Chapel Lexington, we have staff to provide personal attention, a service atmosphere, and a ministry for the entire family. Within the walls of this church, there is a love that is felt by all who enter its doors. This church has made a lot of changes in people’s lives through their outreach and community outreach programs, this church has the ability to impact many lives. It’s time to join the movement. With a congregation full of people who love God, love people, and want to share the good news with their friends, you’ll find a community that’s about more than just going to church on Sundays. As a member of our community, you’ll be plugged into a network of new friendships and exciting opportunities that come along with being part of Calvary Chapel’s West Columbia SC congregation. Be a part of our community! The Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible-based community of believers in 18 different states. Our mission is to connect people to Jesus and to each other, we are passionate about our faith and love for Christ. We offer various ministries and life change opportunities to help grow in our relationship with God, each other, and the world around us. Whether you’re looking for a new church or just want to know more about Calvary Chapel Lexington, this is the place for you. Church In West Columbia SC is a dynamic congregation that strives to be the best in everything we do. If you’re looking for a Church In West Columbia SC that has a community of people who love God and love people, then look no further than Calvary Chapel Lexington. With a warm & caring group of staff members and volunteers, the Church is dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We offer a message that is relevant and designed to fit the needs of today’s generation. Our focus is on God’s love, His Word, and worship to Him. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church that’s all about loving God and loving people. We preach the word and love people in hope and truth to win them for Christ and when you seek to know, love, and serve God first your relationships will blossom. All of us at Calvary Chapel Lexington in West Columbia, SC want to see you succeed. We are committed to helping you in this world and reach your full potential. We believe God has given you a unique story that only you can share.

Why Choose A Church In West Columbia SC?

In West Columbia SC, you’ll find a wide range of religious organizations. Our church is committed to helping people grow in their relationship with God and the community. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual home or just want to be part of the local community, offer something for everyone. If you’ve been looking for a Church In West Columbia SC that is right for you, come visit us and find out what God has in store for your life. Our family-friendly worship service is designed to engage the entire family and our staff will answer any questions you may have. The Calvary Chapel Lexington is a growing family in South Carolina that loves Jesus and has a passion for reaching the lost and educating the community about God. We are happy to be able to share the message of Christ with our community, and we want to grow further as a church so that we can help reach even more people. As an evangelical church on the move, we are absolutely committed to making sure that our church members and guests in West Columbia SC have a place where they can grow, learn, worship to God, and be refreshed. Whether you are looking for a new church home or just want to learn more about the Bible, we invite you to visit us. Are you looking for a place to worship God in the Columbia area? Calvary Chapel Lexington provides a wide range of service options and is located in West Columbia. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a contemporary church serving the surrounding communities with an authentic Christian experience. We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again so we can be together forever. We know that God is love and we are loved by Him. Our vision is to make Christ’s love known to everyone through thoughtful teaching, relevant worship, and real relationships. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church that focuses on the Bible and Jesus Christ. Find spiritual and social support for your life in a family-friendly atmosphere of Christian fellowship. The best part of choosing a Church In West Columbia SC is the worship that has been designed around you. You will experience a rich and vibrant worship to God that will be filled with music, teaching and healing. Calvary Chapel Lexington has been serving the Lexington community teaching and practicing what it means to follow Jesus Christ, who we all encounter.

Bible Teaching And Outreach At The All-In-One Church In West Columbia SC.

In the church our mission is to lead people to salvation through teaching, outreach and worship to God. We teach Bible study classes that are designed for any age group and we offer outreach opportunities for those who do not come to the church building. Calvary Chapel Lexington is an All-in-One Church In West Columbia SC. We offer a traditional Bible teaching and outreach that includes Sunday morning services, Wednesday services, Live Online Streaming, and many more. Calvary Chapel Lexington is your everything-in-one church. Our church is a Bible teaching and outreach congregation, it’s your home for community and spiritual growth. You’ll love the diverse people in our fellowship, the atmosphere, and our hunger to reach those around us with the love of Jesus. Calvary Chapel Lexington is an all-in-one church, providing a place for people of all backgrounds to experience and learn about the love of God and community in a very good atmosphere. We are a Bible teaching and outreach church with a focus on reaching out to those who’s hearts are broken, hurting or just need some attention. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church and Bible teaching and outreach center. Come experience the power of God and fellowship with believers as we spread the gospel and live by biblical principles. Calvary Chapel Lexington offers Bible teaching, outreach services, and worship services to God for the residents of Lexington. We have a team of dedicated Christians who are passionate about reaching the community for Christ. Church West Columbia SC is a full-service spiritual community. We offer multiple platforms of Christian outreach, a wide variety of Bible teaching, and a variety of children’s programs. We’re an all-in-one Church In West Columbia SC that is committed to helping people grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re a family, we’re a community and we’re all here to love and serve the Lord together.

West Columbia SC Church Near Me.

Are you looking for a local church near me? You’re in luck! Calvary Chapel Lexington is a great place to find spiritual support, friendship, and guidance. With weekly services and a mighty team of dedicated pastors and staff, we are here for you when you need it. Church is the most important place for people to be, so it needs to be close to where you live. West Columbia is a South Carolina city located near Charleston, so Calvary Chapel Lexington, is the ideal church that you can say: it’s the West Columbia SC Church near me! Our mission is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others by providing spiritual guidance, fellowship and service. We offer a variety of programs and events that are thought-provoking. Calvary Chapel Lexington SC, is a family-oriented Christian community that seeks to follow Jesus by serving the needs of others with heart and soul. We welcome all to join our church and discover the joy of following Jesus. Our mission is to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with all people, regardless of where they are in their journey. Looking for a West Columbia SC Church near me? Calvary Chapel Lexington provides Christian services to the community. Our website offers information on sermons, services and more. Whether you’re looking for a new church home or just want to find the closest Church to your home, the Calvary Chapel Lexington is the answer for you. We have a welcoming community that is constantly growing and changing everyday. Our vision is to be a church that changes people’s lives and impacts their world. We hold weekly services, prayer meeting, children’s ministry, youth ministry and more. Come visit our church to experience the joy of the gospel and worship with us! If you are looking for a West Columbia SC Church near you find the right one with Calvary Chapel Lexington. Is your destination. We’re an community of believers dedicated to bring people closer to God and each other. Find a Calvary Chapel in West Columbia SC for your needs and peace of mind. Our church offers a variety of services that include Bible studies, prayer groups, small groups, and more. Our staff is friendly and works hard to promote living a life that is Christ-centered.

Churches In West Columbia SC That Teach The Bible.

Churches In West Columbia SC offers a variety of Bible classes and services. They have service times that meet the needs of people of all ages and learning levels. They also have a sunday school for children that is designed to help them grow in their faith. Churches In West Columbia SC exist for many different purposes. The Bible is the central text of them and the subject matter of a particular church’s teachings is found within it. Unforgettable worship services to God, energetic preaching and powerful group songs. At Calvary Chapel Lexington, you’ll feel at home in our church. But don’t just take our word for it! Come worship with us and experience the living God for yourself!  There is no denying that the Bible is the most important book in all of history. At Calvary Chapel West Columbia, we believe that the Bible is meant to be shared with everyone, everywhere. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church in West Columbia SC that offers a variety of services to those seeking to live out their faith. With a community that ministers to everyone from the cradle to the old age you never need to look far for church life. Primarily focused on teaching the Bible, the Church of Calvary Chapel Lexington provides a variety of ministries to its members and families within the area, as well as its surrounding areas. We are a church that loves you and your relationship with God and want you to experience life-changing faith in Jesus Christ. A church that strengthens its members through the power of God’s Word. We offer small groups, youth ministry, missions and more. Come find out how to connect with the community of believers at Church West Columbia SC! We provide a safe, walk-in atmosphere for all ages. Our mission is to teach the Bible and to help people grow in their faith. Come check us out! Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church dedicated to teaching the Bible and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people, regardless of age, race or circumstance. We are a church that teaches the Bible and seeks to reach lost people for Christ. We have been called to do this work in our community and our church is a place where people feel good and can find hope. Whether you are a Christian seeking a church home, or looking for a church that is faithful to the Word of God, you will find what you are looking for when visiting Calvary Chapel Lexington.