Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

Find the biblical teaching that fits your life. Choose from our collection of sermon resources or view sermon announcements online. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a growing church dedicated to preaching Jesus and being men and women of God. We invite you to join us in our ministries of worship, discipleship and evangelism. Dozens of Bible verses are available in just seconds – start reading and praying today! Join us in helping others grow in giving, sharing and teaching through our Bible-based Bible teaching classes and programs. Church West Columbia loves what we do and are dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with as many people as we can. Get the exact Bible teaching and message you are looking for without having to search for it, and at the click of a button! It reveals the perfect interpretation of God’s Word right in front of you. It will even save you time and money so you can focus on other important things. Led by Jesus, Church West Columbia will teach you how to follow Jesus and live a transformed life. Calvary Chapel Lexington church is a place where leadership and transformation are celebrated. Church West Columbia goal is to equip you with a biblical teaching tool that will enable you to teach effectively, so you can reach more people and inspire more. Our Bible Study and Leadership Team teaches the Word of God. Our Bible Teaching teams are here to help people grow in their faith and leadership, always being an example of how to live life in Christ. We are a family of believers who want to change lives! Bible Teaching is an easy-to-use, interactive Bible study that allows people to learn from the Scriptures in an interactive way. It is a tool for personal study and also a system for church leaders to help train their ministers. Each week we invite you to come to church. Church West Columbia teaches the Bible, God’s word, with a heart of learning and God’s love that reaches everyone. Bible Teaching is designed for writing, but it also uses technology to help you learn the Bible better. You can use Bible Teaching to write a new sermon, practice your sermon writing skills, or study the Bible together with your family and friends. A Bible-based product to teach children about God and Jesus, with a focus on the Bible’s teachings on love, forgiveness and character.

Love God, Love People, Preach the Word At A Church In West Columbia.

Join a church that has the heart for God, the vision to reach people and the presence of life to love them. As a member of Calvary Chapel Lexington, you will experience a great place to worship where you can hear God’s word and have an intimate relationship with one another. Church In West Columbia is an online church group that prays for people’s needs, and also offers a Bible study, prayer group and team building. The church that loves the people of West Columbia the most is Church In West. The Word of God is preached by the people of God at Church In West Columbia, Lincolnton. A church dedicated to the Good News of Jesus Christ proclaimed by His only son, Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit. Church In West Columbia, the eleventh largest church in the United States, is a vibrant and growing community of believers and families who are active in Christ and reaching out to the world around them. Calvary Chapel Lexington has a dynamic campus with beautiful buildings, a thriving membership and staff, excellent music, an exciting youth program, youth ministry internship opportunities, and a dynamic approach to reaching the world through the arts. Whether you are new to the area or a seasoned veteran of our Chapel and want to spread the Good News, come see what we do every weekend. Don’t let your church go unnoticed. Church In West is for anyone who wants to take their faith to a whole new level. The church offers a wide range of ministry opportunities for those who desire to participate in the kingdom of God. We are a church dedicated to worshiping God and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us for the message at Church In West, or for a service or meal. Church In West Columbia is a small community-based non-profit organization located in West Columbia, South Carolina. We help people find their faith and love with the Word of God. We believe that life is not perfect. And we believe God is perfect. Access to a small group of people who understand their purpose and mission. A church that believes in the Calvary Chapel Lexington, this is where you belong. If you live in the East, East Carolina or South Carolina, or West Columbia, we invite you to visit Church In West. Church In West is a church that helps people live the Christian life – they want to help us too!

Why Choose A Church In West Columbia?

Calvary Chapel Lexington has facilities to meet all your needs so you can choose to come and learn about God’s purpose in your life. The Church In West Columbia helps each other grow in faith, knowing that as believers we have a responsibility to share our faith. All of our construction projects are custom designed and built on site by one of our certified architects who understand the needs and desires of your congregation. There’s nothing like having the confidence of knowing that you are going to be a part of God’s great plan for your life. Whether you are new or have been in Church In West Columbia for years, it can be important to know exactly where you are and what to expect as you make memorable transitions in your Christian walk. Church In West Columbia is a small church in a big community. We are small, but with a huge heart for God and people.  We are where people who attend are called to live their lives in Christ by serving locally. A place where you have to ‘just get saved’ and start living your life the way Jesus would for you. It’s a beautiful place to be. A place where God is real and where you can find a home. Constant communication is key to a healthy church community. Calvary Chapel Lexington is an active church that is a non-denominational evangelical Christian church that offers classes and Bible studies. Church In West Columbia is a church that celebrates God’s love for people through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We use our biblical and modern methods to build people’s lives by exposing them to the reality of God’s love for them. It’s all about you. Our pastors and staff know your faith, your values and the beliefs that have shaped you to be part of our church family. We believe in sharing those beliefs with others. That’s why we are happy to provide a place for people to gather and find friends in a safe and supportive environment.  Looking for a church near you? No matter where you or your congregation lives, we are the church of your dreams. Calvary Chapel Lexington is located in the heart of Lexington, South Carolina and is pleased to offer you an experience that includes evangelistic outreach, modern technology, community outreach and education about God’s Word. Church In West Columbia is in Lexington and features a weekly Sunday worship service, a great place to meet people and an incredible place to grow in Christ.

Bible Teaching And Outreach At The All-in-One Church In West Columbia.

West Columbia’s three-in-one church is the first Calvary Chapel Lexington to offer full Bible services at its facility. It was founded by a team of leading pastors to serve the world’s most marginalized and underserved populations. Church In West Columbia All In One, located in West Columbia, is a place to receive God’s word, grow personally and spiritually, and build relationships with God’s people. We are in a very difficult time for our church and as we continue to look for ways to reach out to people in the community, we believe it is important to have a public presence. The Church in the West is a community for believers (even non-believers) who want to learn, grow and learn more about the Bible. Here we can find Christians who believe in the Bible, who want to learn more about the Bible from the people who know it best. We believe that when we are open and transparent and willing to share our ideas with others, God will see us as part of His family. Get out and reach the people of West Columbia in a new way with our all-in-one church. Calvary Chapel Lexington is offering a full Sunday morning meal, which includes a Bible teaching and outreach event. Church In West’s mission is to help and inspire others by sharing God’s love, faith and hope in the heart of our Christian community. Build your church and be a better leader in your community. We are open to any church, small or large, that wants to train you in biblical principles and leadership. All in One Church In West Columbia is the only place where you can worship, study your Bible and have community events on any device! A multi-purpose board for a do-it-yourself church. All in One Church In West Columbia doesn’t use templates or do any planning, these are the tools to build your own unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind church. The Bible teaches us to be like Christ, so out of love for Him, Calvary Chapel Lexington has created a Bible teaching and outreach center in West Columbia to help people come to know God and His Word. All-in-One Church In West Columbia is a Christian church or congregation, an evangelistic ministry and a Bible training center. All-in-One Church at West is a place of deep redemptive love. We bring our love for Christ and each other to the people we serve by sharing God’s word with them. Our message is simple, but powerful: Jesus Christ came to redeem you and me. He died on the cross so that we can live in Him forever.

West Columbia Church Near Me.

And it’s not just a church. It’s an experience. A place where the people of West Columbia come together to encounter God’s love and unite in a community of worship and mutual love. At West Columbia Church Everyone is welcome regardless of race, color or creed. It’s the church that’s close to you. What if you could find God’s love where you live? Then this is the church for you. West Columbia Church is truly a place of God’s love. Here, we seek to share His love and presence through worship of Jesus Christ and by His Holy Spirit. ChurchInWest is the only church that can do that for you. It is a simple yet powerful way to encounter one of the most meaningful experiences of your life.  Today, it’s a beautiful historic building with a beautiful interior and an exciting new church movement to better reach our community. Your whole life you’ve heard of Lexington! We have a beautiful church with friendly people, great programs and opportunities for you to get involved and share your faith. Imagine meeting God in person for the first time. With West Columbia Church near you to find God’s love, maybe you can!

“West” is a fast growing church in West Columbia, South Carolina, you are invited to join us for a homegrown community meal and fellowship with God. You’re looking for God, you’re looking for salvation, but you’re not sure where to find it. You know you have a relationship with Jesus, you’ve seen signs and wonders of His love, but you feel He’s not the one for you. But there’s a church right next door to your house that has all the answers. Such a church is located in West, Kentucky. West Columbia Church is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Lexington. Our vision is to bring the love and healing of the Lord to every person on the planet. That includes everyone: young and old, poor and rich, disabled, addicted and God-fearing. West Columbia Church is in West Columbia, near Lexington, South Carolina, and is a member of Calvary Chapel Network. Our mission is to live out the message of Jesus Christ through our outreach and ministry programs. You’ve always been told that it takes time to know Jesus, but that’s not true – Jesus wants you to know Him right away!

In our hearts, we long to know the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to know Him personally through His Word and prayer. That’s why all of our services include a Bible-based Christian message, spiritual encouragement and an overflow of love for God’s people. Our mission is to glorify God by serving others.

Churches In West Columbia That Teach The Bible.

The Bible is the best book there is. At Churches In West Columbia every week, they teach that book of the Bible in a church. They have a routine, a way of doing things that runs like clockwork. You’re thinking about starting a new church. Or maybe you’re still in the process of building one. Whatever happens, Calvary Chapel Lexington wants to help you find your way to the new church God wants you to be a part of. The churches at West are carefully chosen for their Bible teaching and ministry, giving you the real scoop! Churches In West has a staff of well-educated and experienced pastors who consistently schedule church events in Lexington, North Carolina. Churches In West is a family of churches that stand for quality Bible teaching. They love Jesus and His word and want to share it with you. Churches In West Columbia, North Carolina is a Bible teaching church. We are not a denomination or denomination but we are a community of believers. We teach the Bible, share our experiences with Christ and support Calvary Chapel Lexington Mission. We are already a thriving church in Lexington and now we want to help you find the church in West Columbia as well. We are a small and growing church that is hungry to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people. We want to reach out to others who do not have access to a church due to their circumstances. We believe that we are all one church and our vision is to bring the love of Christ to the world. We are an accredited church and a community of believers committed to spreading the Word of God through worship, evangelism, discipleship and education. Churches In West Columbia, a new movement of churches, are teaching the Bible. Churches in the West are non-denominational and do not have cult-like designations. Churches In West Columbia Teaching the Bible is the bold testimony of modern Churches In West Columbia, South Carolina, that have begun teaching the Bible. This book is a book of biblical inspiration and guidance for people seeking to understand Christianity and the Holy Scriptures more fully. We love 100% of the Bible. We do not believe it takes billions of dollars to transition a church to a Bible-teaching church. We have great doctrinal presentations (temples) and teach the Word of God with passion and passion.