Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

Bible teaching Church In Lexington SC. We have a large congregation and would like to invite you to join us. We are not only a church, but also a mission center. Church Lexington SC is dedicated to bringing people closer to Christ. From Bible teaching to family life classes, outdoor adventures and all-day play programs, there is something here for everyone. Come see what we have to offer! Our solid Bible teaching will open your eyes to the kingdom of God – join us!

Church Lexington SC is the newest Bible teaching church in Lexington, SC. We have a small, intimate congregation that has been meeting for years. Our mission is to help your spirit grow to its fullest potential. We are passionate about helping you know Jesus Christ better and are dedicated to teaching you about the Bible.We are a Bible teaching Church Lexington SC offering a variety of worship styles including Traditional, Contemporary, Worship and Praise. Come join us on Sundays or in one of our Bible teaching classes during the week. Our goal is to help people know and love God better through Bible teaching and contemporary worship every day.You’re looking for a church, but where? It can be a tough decision, but don’t worry. Take a little faith and head to our Bible Teaching Church Lexington SC. We are open six days a week and offer services at all times of the day for your convenience. Our services are drama free and enjoyable for the whole family. Church Lexington SC is a Bible teaching church in Lexington with a friendly, caring community and offers many activities. As a Bible Teaching Church, we don’t just want to tell you about God. We want to show you. Join our family and you will grow in your love for Jesus, your understanding of the Bible and be surrounded by an amazing community. We are a small Bible teaching church in Lexington. We want to help as many people as possible, grow closer to God and each other. We do this by following the Bible closely, teaching it and growing together in our faith. Our ministry is open to all ages and all stages of life with many opportunities for children, youth and adults. We do whatever it takes to help people find Jesus and grow in Him. We are pleased to offer you biblical teachings and hope they will be a blessing to you. We have been in ministry for many years and are happy to share our knowledge with anyone who needs it.Visit Church Lexington SC for great Bible teaching and a good time. We serve both adults and children with great music, games, teaching and preaching. If you are looking for a church to call home, Offering a solid biblical foundation from which to live your lives, Church Lexington SC goal is to provide a church with a family atmosphere where people can worship God and serve others.

The Holy Spirit Is Alive At Church In Lexington SC.

The Holy Spirit is alive in this church and our goal is to bring the love of Jesus Christ and make disciples! We are committed to being more than just a regular church, we want to be a transformational church, a gathering place where miracles happen and where people are encouraged to grow into their true and best version of themselves.Our worship service begins with a lively praise and thanksgiving led by our worship team, followed by a time of teaching and encouragement led by our pastor. As we gather, we are reminded that the Holy Spirit is alive in this house.The Holy Spirit is alive and well at Church Lexington SC and it shows in the loving and supportive congregation. Join us for your next Sunday experience! We will help you find your way to God and teach you how to live with the Holy Spirit. We have a variety of classes that will fit your needs. Take advantage of our spiritual and Bible studies and discover why the Holy Spirit is alive in the Church Lexington SC.

Because the Holy Spirit is alive in this community, people are encouraged to be agents of change in their respective communities. The Church Lexington SC offers a variety of programs in education, health and worship services that inspire community members to live a purposeful life. There are a variety of ways to engage with the people of this church as they share a common bond through Christ. If you are looking for a spiritual connection through the Holy Spirit, look no further than Church Lexington SC. It’s time to be touched by the power of God.The Holy Spirit is alive and visiting the Church Lexington SC. We offer many opportunities for fellowship, worship and spiritual growth. If you are looking for a place to find peace and acceptance, then this is the church for you.The Holy Spirit is alive at Church Lexington SC! Join our weekly Bible study and services for a welcoming community, great music and the best preaching. Visit us to see for yourself.

Church Lexington SC is where the Holy Spirit resides. You will feel His power as soon as you walk through the door. The Bible is our ultimate authority and we want to invite you to be a part of what is happening! The Holy Spirit is alive at Church Lexington SC and the people want you to know it! We are a church that focuses on serving others and we are excited to introduce you to our great community. Join us for Bible study, worship and more!

Choose A Church In Lexington SC.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church near you, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We are passionate about making a difference in the community. Join us for Bible study and worship, have some fun!Choosing a church can be difficult, but we’re here to make it easy for you! With our weekly rotating calendar and digital map, you’ll always know when and where our services are. We offer a variety of worship styles on Sunday mornings, as well as children’s ministry and more. Whether you’re just passing through or looking for a new home, let us show you what Calvary Chapel Lexington has to offer.

We know it’s not always easy to find a church. We are committed to being a loving, caring and accepting Christian community. Our ministry includes worship, fellowship and service. We are a missional church, partnering with God in the transformation of our city.We are Calvary Chapel Lexington, a church in Lexington SC with a heart for Jesus Christ. Here at Church Lexington SC, we hold the same biblical truths and doctrinal beliefs as other Reformed churches. We are committed to biblical preaching, biblical teaching, biblical living, and biblical missions, we hope you will come visit us and experience all that God has for you!

Our church is part of a global movement called Calvary Chapel. We meet in Lexington, South Carolina, as well as people from all over the world! We are here to answer a question for you, “Haven’t I found God yet?” We have some answers.We are a family that will love you and we will do everything we can to help you grow in your faith. We have classes for both children and adults with materials available on our website. You’ve found the perfect place. A Church Lexington SC that feels good, that feels like home. As a member of our congregation, you will have the opportunity to serve, connect and grow with other members of our church family as we learn more about Jesus and each other.

Attending church is vital to the Christian life. At Calvary Chapel Lexington, we believe that worshiping God in an environment of praise and worship is the key to spiritual growth. Our Sunday morning services will be like no other church you have ever attended. We invite you to find what we have found: a church family that loves and serves others with the love of Christ. Looking for a church in Lexington SC? You’ve come to the right place! Calvary Chapel Lexington’s goal is to live out our faith by reaching out to people with the love of Jesus Christ. We are a church for all people, all backgrounds, and all ages, we would love to have you as our guest today and every day!

Join Us For Worship @ Church In Lexington SC.

A church is a group of people who come together to worship God and learn from the Bible. At Calvary Chapel Lexington, we have a lot of fun and are committed to following Christ. We want to be a part of your community and hope you will join us to learn more about what makes our church different from any other.

Do you find yourself looking for a place to worship in Lexington? Church Lexington SC is the place for you! We are a welcoming and diverse congregation that values all people, from all backgrounds. Every Sunday we offer a dynamic worship service with music and teachings that will speak to your life.

At Calvary Chapel Lexington, we are passionate about worship. We believe that worship should be an expression of love, an offering of praise and a proclamation of God’s holiness. Our praise band and choir lead us in a celebration of His goodness; our preaching ministers to us the unrelenting truths of Scripture; and our pastor teaches us how to live out our faith in the everyday.You don’t have to walk alone. Find a beautiful church where you can worship God, join a Bible study, find friends and grow spiritually. At Calvary Chapel Lexington, you’re never alone. Sunday worship services at Calvary Chapel Lexington include verse-by-verse Bible teaching with a live band, singing and preaching.  At Calvary Chapel Lexington, we are committed to preaching Christ. We hope to provide you with a church home free from the distractions of a fast-paced world and, instead, be a place where you can encounter Christ and find hope for your life. We would love to have you join us for worship soon.

Would you like to worship with us this Sunday? You’ll enjoy a lively time of singing, fellowship, and Bible teaching. Our pastors are dedicated to preaching Christ into your life so you can have hope for the future. Join us for dinner and discover what it’s like to walk in light. We are not your typical church. Join us for worship at Calvary Chapel Lexington and explore a Christian faith that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Our church takes God seriously, but not itself. We believe in the power of laughter and love, coffee and community, and we want to share it with you.

Join us for worship at Lexington SC church, Calvary Chapel Lexington. Every Sunday you’ll find a place where you can grow spiritually, serve in community, and feel encouraged to live out your faith. We look forward to joining you on this journey! We are a church you can trust. We want to connect with you on a deep level and show you that we care about you and your family. Our service times are designed to meet your goals, whether at home, work or school.

You Just Missed The Women’s Conference At Church In Lexington SC.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a place full of hope and peace. Our church stands on the foundation of God’s word. With a combination of traditional and contemporary worship, we offer spiritual guidance and inspiration to meet the needs of our community. Join us this weekend for the women’s conference at Church Lexington SC, where you will find a message to meet your deepest needs and desires for faith, hope and love. The conference will be held at the Church Lexington SC.If you missed our recent women’s conference, we have good news for you. You can still catch the messages from the Christ-centered, Bible-teaching evangelist and author of more than a dozen books. She will be teaching through the book of Colossians to answer your questions about reading and understanding the Bible.

Calvary Chapel Lexington women’s conference is designed to help you grow in your faith and encourage you in the Lord. This year’s conference will be led by the preacher. The messages are filled with insightful reminders about God’s love, reliance on prayer and the value of community.It’s not too late to get your tickets for the next women’s conference at Calvary Chapel Lexington. Our speaker is from Women of Faith and will talk about living with passion and purpose. You will hear from inspirational women who have been through difficult circumstances and yet are still able to live a happy life.

Come to a women’s conference at Church Lexington SC, held every Saturday. The church has an amazing children’s ministry, a senior ministry and much more. There will be great music and speakers, offering true hope in Christ to all women who attend. register today! Join us this week for a series of talks from some of the most influential women in ministry. We will discuss how they were called, what obstacles they face and how they overcame them, and how their personal experiences have shaped who they are.We had a great time at the women’s conference last week, and you should be there this week. Our guest speaker was the best of them all and will be speaking again this week. We have a special offer for you today only that includes a visit to our other campus, so don’t delay, we are running out of space!

You are invited to experience life-changing messages and powerful worship at Calvary Chapel Lexington. Our conference will equip you with the message of Grace, so you can live a lifestyle of never-ending, unconditional love. Join us as we celebrate years of service to the community, where we are committed to reaching the world with an authentic message of hope and promise.If you missed the Women’s Conference, don’t worry. We will be hosting another one next month at the Church Lexington SC. Join us for an empowering weekend of worship, learning and fellowship with other women. Hear about Jesus and His love for you through His word. You just missed the women’s conference at the Church Lexington SC.

U Turn For Christ Lives On Campus At Church Lexington SC

Church Lexington SC has been an answer to prayer for many people in need. With years of successful ministry in the Upstate, we are a church family committed to meeting the needs of all people at any time.There’s A TURN for everyone! U Turn For Christ is a Church Lexington SC where we change our lives to experience the love, power and joy God has to offer. It is a place where we don’t have to navigate life on our own. There are adults who are there to support you and children who are eager to learn and grow with you.Let Jesus change everything and give you a fresh start. You are never too far away for U Turn for Christ to help you. Serving people in Lexington SC, we are your one-stop shop for life and faith today.

We are a community of like-minded people who believe in the power of Jesus Christ to change lives. You don’t have to go far to find love and acceptance here. We are much more than a church. We are a family, and we need you to be a part of ours. We believe that people are more than a number. That’s why we’re excited to share our journey with you. We want you to meet the people who make our church a place of love and acceptance. You will hear from our pastor, our worship leader and those who serve us in various areas of ministry who will share how they have found their meaning change in Christ. We offer the opportunity to change the way you think, the way you act and the way you believe.No matter what your current situation is, you are never too far away from a U-turn. Come as you are, no matter where you are, and know that Jesus is your best hope. Here at U Turn for Christ we have the message that can change your life. We want to share with you the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

We are Church Lexington SC, and God has been watching over us since our beginning. What was once a Baptist church is now a beautiful ministry campus, with multiple worship spaces, a children’s church and more! We are dedicated to teaching about the Bible in ways that are relevant to today’s world and we want to help you change your life too.U Turn for Christ lives on the Church Lexington SC campus. It is a faith-based organization that provides life coaching services for people who want to change their lives. We offer small groups, retreats and a variety of other services throughout our church campus. So, whether you are looking to find your way back to God or find your way back to work, Church Lexington SC can help. If you want to explore and grow with a group of Christ-centered, mission-driven, family-oriented people who share your values and desires for the future, then U Turn for Christ might be the perfect place for you! Life is too short to be in a bad place. Join us anytime, anywhere to get your next change of meaning. We have a little bit of everything here, and we’re always adding something, you’re welcome here!