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The “thorn in the flesh” is a well-known phrase from this chapter. What are your thoughts on the nature of Paul’s thorn, and how might it relate to challenges we face in our own lives?

Reflecting on Paul’s plea to have the thorn removed, what does his experience teach us about dealing with persistent difficulties and unanswered prayers?

How does Paul’s boasting about his weaknesses and hardships in verses 9-10 challenge conventional ideas about strength and success?

The phrase “power is made perfect in weakness” is central to this chapter. How does this concept resonate with your understanding of faith, and how might it influence your approach to challenges?

Paul talks about the fear that the Corinthian church might be found, not as he wishes in verse 20. How do you interpret this fear, and what implications does it have for our own self-examination in the Christian life?

In the context of this chapter, how might Paul’s experiences and teachings inspire us to view our own weaknesses and challenges as opportunities for God’s grace to be magnified in our lives?

Reflect on Personal Weaknesses:

Identify and reflect on areas of weakness in your life. Consider how these vulnerabilities can become avenues for God’s strength.

Cultivate a Pastoral Heart:

Develop a pastoral heart, caring deeply for the spiritual well-being of those around you, akin to Paul’s concern for the Corinthians.

Examine Your Spiritual Conduct:

Regularly examine your own spiritual conduct. Take steps to repent and turn away from any sinful behaviors, aligning yourself with God’s will.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth (Verses 11-14):

As individuals and as a community, how can we actively nurture the spiritual growth of fellow believers, embodying Paul’s caring attitude?


Loving God & Loving People

Caring for Others in Weakness:

In what ways does Paul’s concern for the Corinthians demonstrate the interconnectedness of loving people and caring for their spiritual well-being during times of weakness?


Preaching the Word

The Power of God’s Word in Weakness:

In what ways does Paul’s experience highlight the enduring power of God’s Word, even when delivered by individuals facing personal challenges and weaknesses?


Making Disciples

Discipleship in Adversity:

How can the challenges and vulnerabilities that Paul expresses in 2 Corinthians 12 inform our approach to making disciples, emphasizing the role of authenticity and shared struggles?