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Galatians 2:1-14 Small Group Study Questions

Loving God – Loving People:

  1. How does Paul’s account in Galatians 2:1-14 reflect his commitment to loving God above all else?
  2. In what ways do the interactions between Paul and the apostles demonstrate the importance of love for fellow believers as an expression of loving God?

Preaching the Word:

  1. How does Paul’s confrontation with Peter in Antioch align with the principle of preaching the Word fearlessly, even when it involves correcting a fellow believer?
  2. In what manner does Paul’s defense of the gospel in this passage exemplify the responsibility of preaching the uncompromised truth?

Balancing Conviction and Love:

  1. How does Paul’s emphasis on the unity of believers in Christ contribute to the idea of making disciples who are united in their love for God and one another?
  2. In what ways does the confrontation between Paul and Peter highlight the necessity of maintaining unity while also addressing doctrinal issues?

Impact of Personal Testimony:

  1. How does Paul’s recounting of his own experiences contribute to the effectiveness of his message, and what implications does this have for our approach to making disciples through personal testimony?
  2. In what ways can personal testimonies enhance the process of discipleship in the modern Christian community?

Verses 3-5: Defending the Gospel of Grace:

Paul’s defense of the gospel emphasizes freedom from legalistic requirements (think food requirements and circumcision). How can this message be effectively communicated to believers today who may struggle with the balance between grace and legalism in their Christian walk?

Verses 6-10: Recognition of Apostolic Authority:

The leaders in Jerusalem gave Paul the “right hand of fellowship.” In what ways can Calvary Chapel Lexington today foster a spirit of unity and collaboration among leaders, even when they may have different emphases or areas of focus in ministry?

Verses 11-13: Confrontation in Antioch:

Peter’s withdrawal from Gentile believers influenced others, leading to hypocrisy. How can Calvary Chapel Lexington guard against similar situations where the behavior of influential individuals may inadvertently hinder the gospel witness or unity within the body?

Paul’s public confrontation with Peter underscores the importance of addressing issues directly. How can Christians today approach conflicts within the church in a manner that promotes resolution, accountability, and ultimately, the unity of believers?

Verse 14: Rebuke for Hypocrisy:

The rebuke focuses on aligning behavior with the truth of the gospel. How can believers cultivate a lifestyle that consistently reflects the grace and freedom found in the gospel, especially in the face of societal or cultural pressures?

In addressing Peter’s hypocrisy, Paul emphasizes the urgency of the matter. How can we today discern when certain issues demand immediate attention and correction to safeguard the integrity of the gospel witness?