Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

How Calvary Chapel Lexington is bringing the Holy Spirit to church goers by providing worship, bible study, and a message that speaks to their hearts in a way that is relevant for today. We are a charismatic congregation, embracing a holy spirit-filled mission to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ. Our goal is to bring the love and life of God to all people. We have been blessed with an amazing team of worship leaders, speakers, and counselors. Our work is fueled by the Holy Spirit, who has set us in motion to create a moving and life-changing experience. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Irmo SC Christian Church that is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ. We help you make a spiritual impact.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is dedicated to bringing the fullness of the Holy Spirit to its congregation. We are a church that believes in the power of God’s Word, worshiping at 12 different weekly services each week. Jesus loves you. But sometimes people sense the love of Jesus in many ways, like our modern-day church revivals, larger gatherings where people can come together and feel loved by God, or even through waking up to the Gospel and feeling changed by what we discover each day. Today is one of those days for some. With a special focus on evangelism, we are a community of believers who are transforming lives, spreading hope, and changing the world around us.

They have a vision and mission that is to bring people closer to Christ and closer to each other. The Holy Spirit is the elixir that gives life’s deepest desires meaning and purpose. The growing number of churchgoers in Lexington, SC is indicative of the desire to experience the power of God’s love and healing in their lives. With a large population craving more than what is offered by traditional worship services, Calvary Chapel Lexington is leading the way with innovation. Their mission is to serve God and His people through engaging activities, including a weekly Bible study that attracts hundreds of people. Experience the power of the Holy Spirit and their church. Holy Spirit filled, passionate, and encouraging.

They’re an amazing church and have been in the area for a long time. When you come into their service, you’re surrounded by welcoming people and beautiful music from their talented musicians. If you’ve ever been to a mega-church service and felt that the energy was lacking, the sermons were boring, or you just felt like you weren’t really connected with God, then the answer may actually be right in front of you. Irmo SC Christian Church is looking for a few good men and women to help pastor this congregation during the week.

How To Find The Right Irmo SC Christian Church?

It is important to determine what you are looking for in your church, and then find a church that meets those needs. Finding a good church can also help you in your spiritual journey. Finding the right church can be overwhelming. You need to know what you are looking for in order to find a church that matches your needs. With so many religions to choose from and their constant changes, finding the right one for you can be harder than it sounds. That’s why Calvary Chapel Lexington was created. We’re a group of loving believers with a wide range of beliefs, backgrounds, and ages who are committed to growing together in Christ and following Him as our Lord and Savior.

Finding a church that believes in the Bible, is welcoming and accepting, and has all the things you want in a community can be difficult. We have made the decision process easy by locating an Irmo SC Christian Church near you. Find the Right Church by reading reviews from our family at Irmo SC Christian Church. We’re proud to be serving the greater Lexington SC community and invite you to come check us out! Looking for a church? You’ve come to the right place! Find that perfect fit for your family today by visiting our website. When you find yourself confused about how to find the right church, or overwhelmed by their number, consider checking out Irmo SC Christian Church. We have a very small church, with a location in Irmo SC. The right church is the one that is right for you. Our team is here to help you find the perfect place to worship in your area.

Calvary Chapel Lexington understands that finding the right church can be difficult. We hope you find the one that is right for you by looking through our list of churches in Irmo SC. Our experts have compiled a list of the top ten churches in the Irmo SC area. No matter what kind of church you’re looking for, these churches will provide you with an excellent worship experience.

What Are The Benefits Of A Irmo SC Christian Church?

First, our Bible-based teaching is an uncompromising account of how we received the good news of God’s love and forgiveness. Second, we offer a wide range of programming to meet your needs, including bible study, praise & worship, prayer & counseling, women’s ministry and more.  Third, you can join us at our Irmo SC Christian Church or online. Irmo SC Christian Church is the best place to start your life in Christ. Our church is inviting, happy & welcoming. Our staff is friendly, caring and genuinely interested in you. We have plenty of amenities that include a gym, swimming pool, on-campus apartments & community dinners. Enrolling in Irmo SC Christian Church can benefit you by saving your friends, family and associates from going to Hell. Plus, when you enroll, you become part of a thriving community that offers many opportunities to grow in faith and be part of the life-changing work of spreading God’s Word.

We are dedicated to serving our community and mission as we share Jesus Christ with others through worship, service, and evangelism. This includes offering regular Sunday services and many opportunities for spiritual growth. The church is a place to find spiritual encouragement and a fundamental place to meet people in the community. There are many benefits to attending a Irmo SC Christian Church

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a family-friendly, growing, multifaceted church that’s right for you. With locations in Lexington and Columbia, SC, we are quickly becoming a household name in the area. Find out by visiting the official website of Irmo SC Christian Church. Your local church. Your community. Your church home. We’re more than just a building. Our spiritual family grows through small groups, bible studies, and our service opportunities to share Jesus together. Find out what we have in store for you.

You won’t have to worry about missing church ever again! You’ll get to meet new friends, connect with a community, and grow in your relationship with God. At Calvary Chapel Lexington, we offer a variety of classes, activities, and events that help you explore the love of Jesus. Our mission is to reach the lost and encourage the saved through a life that glorifies God. We fulfill this mission by utilizing our opportunities to connect people to Christ, who transforms lives. We are a place where you can come on a regular basis and find community, hear gospel-centered messages, and meet new friends.

Calvary Chapel Lexington specializes in providing spiritual and emotional support to children, teens, and adults struggling with mental health issues. We offer a safe place for people to find peace and purpose, healing that is always available, and the love of Jesus Christ. If you’ve been looking for a church in Lexington that offers the benefits of a Irmo SC Christian Church, then Calvary Chapel Lexington is the perfect place for you. Our friendly staff members provide Christian fellowship & support through worship services and small groups. Join a growing community of men and women seeking spiritual direction, clarity, and support. We believe that the church is where you find the love you’re looking for.

Community Outreach Through The AIrmo SC Christian Church.

The Irmo SC Christian Church is a community outreach in the form of a small, close-knit church. They offer classes and workshops on various topics such as conflict resolution, healthy relationships, mental health awareness and more. The church also reaches out to the homeless through free food and clothing drives.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a place where people can come to experience the love of Jesus and His peace. We are dedicated to bringing hope to those in need by providing a place for worship, events, and outreach. Calvary Chapel Lexington is your place for spiritual conversation, exploration, and support. Our church is grounded in the Bible’s message and organized around the idea of helping people discover God’s transforming love. We share the love of God with the greater Lexington area by hosting a variety of events throughout the week. Come join us for our Sunday Services and weekly events!

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a place for you to explore local churches and find the perfect fit for your needs. Browse through churches, explore their websites, find out more about their ministries and Sunday services, and even book online. Irmo SC Christian Church provides outreach to people of all faiths and backgrounds. Irmo SC Christian Church is a congregation of the SC Christian Church, a multi-denominational church that has been in Lexington. We are dedicated to Jesus Christ and his mission to make God known to all people. We offer free food ministry and financial assistance for our members who are struggling to make ends meet. We have also created a network of caring individuals in the community who are willing to volunteer their time, talent, and resources to help those in need.

The Calvary Chapel Lexington is a family-friendly church in Irmo SC. It was founded by a group of Christians who wanted to be involved in their community and find a way to reach those who are hurting. Whether it is a spiritual, relational, physical, or financial need that you are struggling with, the church is here for you. We believe in the importance of being an active church that reaches out to everyone. The Calvary Chapel Lexington seeks to bring the love of Christ to the church and to the community in which we live. If you’re looking for a place that offers youth programs, college ministry, social events, and much more, then Calvary Chapel Lexington is the place for you. We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of our church family and everybody is welcome.

Serving The People Of All Ages And Faiths At A Irmo SC Christian Church.

Irmo SC Christian Church is a congregational church in Lexington SC where people of all ages and beliefs can come together. The Church was founded on the concept that all are welcome. The Church believes God’s love for us is shown through Christ, who died for our sins, rose from the dead and offers hope and eternal life to all who accept him as Savior and Lord. Our ministry supports those struggling to find their place. Irmo SC Christian Church is a safe haven for those seeking God. Our ministry is dedicated to helping people find the true meaning of life. We’re rooted in Jesus Christ and we invite everyone to come and see His love in action. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Christian church that offers both religious and secular programs for all ages. 

All have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. The good news is that for those who repent and place their faith in Jesus, God will provide forgiveness and peace through the person of Jesus Christ. We are an Interdenominational church that desires to know God and love with a heart that is whole, healthy, understanding and accepting. Whatever your needs may be, Calvary Chapel Lexington SC is here to meet them. We have a friendly staff that is constantly looking for ways to help people grow closer in their faith and enjoy life. Come visit us and see what we can do for you. Brings a fresh breath of life to this aging congregation by glorifying God as our creator and Savior while reaching people through preaching, teaching, worship, & more.

At Irmo SC Christian Church, we are committed to providing a nurturing space where you can find rest and encouragement. Our church provides a welcoming environment where you will find joy, peace, and love! We believe that everyone is loved by God. Calvary Chapel Lexington is offering opportunities for all people, as well as a place to find support, service, and community. We offer a range of active ministries including Bible Study, Worship Service, Sunday School, Children’s Church, Worship Team, Christian Education, Midwifery Education & Training and Chaplaincy.

Come and worship with us at Irmo SC Christian Church, a worship center that embraces the faith in Jesus Christ. We offer a beautiful sanctuary to share, a caring community of believers to connect with, and opportunities for growth. Come to Irmo SC Christian Church to find a church home where you can find peace and learn how to live out your faith in real life. We offer a range of worship services, activities for all ages, a community for building relationships, and many opportunities for service and support.

Attend A Worship Service At A Irmo SC Christian Church.

More than a place to attend, a Irmo SC Christian Church is where people gather to worship the living God. A Church provides important benefits like spiritual guidance, support and encouragement, which are especially important for Christians in times of transition. Your church experience is about to change forever. Celebrate what life is really about: Jesus! Come to a Irmo SC Christian Church Service and join the thousands of people who know that the best way to worship Christ is through service.

There’s nothing like a traditional Irmo SC Christian Church service to bring your whole family together. Tune in every Sunday for inspiring sermons, heartfelt worship, and uplifting praise music from Irmo SC Christian Church. The service includes a sermon, an opportunity for prayer, and a time of fellowship. With our down-to-earth, welcoming atmosphere, you will have a spiritual experience that you will never forget. Irmo SC Christian Church is a welcoming and friendly place to worship God. Whether you are new to church or are looking for a change of pace, we hope you will find what you’re looking for at our church.

Is your local church not the same as the one you grew up with? Would you like to attend a church closer to where you live? If so, Irmo SC Christian Church is just what you need. With convenient locations near Irmo SC, we have plenty of space for you and your family to join us for worship. The best part about attending a Irmo SC Christian Church is the worshiping and fellowship. So much more than just a religious event, it’s a time for families to connect and come closer together. 

We believe that a church should be a place where people of all backgrounds and from all walks of life can discover what it means to connect with God and one another. Our diverse congregation offers a welcoming atmosphere for the spiritual journey, no matter the situation. We are here for you when you need answers or need help in your pursuit of God. Our church is a welcoming place for those new to Christianity or those who’ve been in the faith for a long time. Our service begins with a time of interactive teaching, followed by an opportunity to experience God’s presence in an authentic way.