Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)
Find out how to find a Bible Teaching Church in South Carolina by clicking on the map or visiting our website. You’ll find Bible churches in every city and town in South Carolina. If you live near Columbia, South Carolina, then you’ll love the Bible Teaching Church in Columbia that’s right. 

If you are looking for a Bible Teaching Church in South Carolina, Bible Teaching Church is the place to go. We provide motivational sermons and concise Bibles that are easy to understand. No matter what your spiritual needs are, Bible Teaching Church has a sermon that will help you grow in your faith.

Bible Teaching Church is an up-to-date Bible teaching. Our pastors have the same beliefs and values as seen in the Bible, we teach on topics such as End Times, Tribulation, Last Days and more!

There is much to be gained by attending a Bible Teaching Church. Whether you are looking for fellowship, religious education, or a place to worship, this is the perfect place to begin your search. Choose from a wide selection of churches to get started, or use the map option to find the church nearest you. Search for Bible Teaching Church in South Carolina and find a church with a pastor who will partner with you on your spiritual journey. Discover a church that is both biblically and culturally relevant to you.

Bible Teaching Church is a church that focuses on reaching people with the word of God. Bible Teaching Church in South Carolina are a critical component of the Christian community. They provide a safe place for Christians to connect with God through events, outreach and programs. With this problem in mind, Bible Teaching Church has created an app to make it easy for people to find and connect with local churches. Our services are conducted in the local South Carolina language and we have many opportunities to serve God and His people locally and globally through missions, retreats and more.

Bible Teaching Church is the best place to find a Bible church in South Carolina. We are a non-denominational, non-exclusive church that exists solely to help you find a church to worship. Our team of trained staff members will guide you through the process and make sure you find the right church for your needs. Find Bible churches in South Carolina, including churches that offer Bible study and Bible teaching.

Bible Teaching Church is a ministry committed to making the Bible accessible to all the people in your life. We are a diverse community of people who have embraced the love of Jesus and His way of life through the Word of God.

Bible Teaching Church is an online marketplace that makes it easy for churches to find each other and connect. Bible Teaching Church offers the most comprehensive database of Christian churches, ministries and events to help you find your perfect church. Bible Teaching Church is a member of the Bible Teaching Association and has been recognized by the Association of Bible Churches. 

Where Do I Find A Bible Teaching Church That Speaks About Jesus?

Calvary Chapel Lexington is an evangelical church that loves the Lord Jesus Christ, teaches the Bible, talks about Jesus and offers an alternative to the religious world. We believe in preaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching His Word in our services, as well as helping people find their hope in the Savior and love their neighbor as themselves.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a place where you can learn more about Jesus and His Word, worship Him as Lord and Savior, and serve Him. We want to help you find the right church.  We are passionate about God’s Word and our love for Jesus. We offer a safe, welcoming and friendly environment for people from all walks of life to grow in their spiritual walk with Jesus. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a place where you can hear God’s Word preached every Sunday, learn small group Bible study techniques, fellowship with other believers, and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

We provide contemporary worship, sermons, Bible studies and outreach opportunities for people of all ages. A church that would teach the Bible and talk about Jesus. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a non-denominational church that is open to people of all religious backgrounds. We believe that God’s love for all mankind is the only thing that really matters, after which we will all be judged by Him. We have Bible studies, small groups, children’s ministry and even a nursery for your little one. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a family friendly church that offers regular Sunday worship services and children’s programs for growing families to enjoy.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church that exists. We offer Bible studies, prayer groups and have a pastor who teaches the Bible. Join us in our services to discover what it means to live for Jesus Christ. Calvary Chapel Lexington was started and is one of the largest campuses in the nation. Our church has been a leader in the local Church of Christ community over the years, and we strive to teach the Bible and talk about Jesus.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Christian church. We are the only church dedicated to teaching the Word of God and the sacrifice of Jesus. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus with all of God’s people. Come experience our community of faith and worship with us. We offer an engaging combination of service, teaching, ministry and worship.

Why Choose A Bible Teaching Church?

You should choose it because Bible Teaching Church is the best place to learn more about God, Jesus Christ and Christianity. Learn how to make worship songs, study the Bible and receive a personal testimony from one of our church members. Bible Teaching Church offers a Bible teaching ministry that is conflict-free and designed to bring glory and honor to God in sermon time, worship time, prayer time and all other times. Bible Teaching Church is designed to be intimate small group experiences that invite you to connect with the Bible in personal and community settings. You should choose us because we are dedicated to providing quality classes that are helpful and will educate and enrich your life. Our teachers are experts in their field and have years of experience and training that they pass on to you.

Choose Bible Teaching Church for a variety of reasons: to find God, to join a family, to be inspired and encouraged, to learn to love God and others more deeply. At Bible Teaching Church, you can meet God in an intimate community setting where He will teach you how to love Him. Choose a Bible Teaching Church to learn and grow with God’s word. Our services focus on teaching the Bible in interactive and engaging ways to help you understand the Scriptures. We don’t just preach, we teach.

Bible Teaching Church offers engaging, interactive and life-changing experiences. With classes and a wide variety of activities like Sunday school, worship and summer camps, your children will be inspired like never before. We want to take teachings from the Bible and make them practical for everyday life.

Christian churches are the way God meets people and preaches the Gospel. There is no better way to learn about Jesus than by attending a church. Bible Teaching Church is for people who want to study the Bible, discover what it means to them and how it can help them in their daily lives. Come learn from some of the best Bible teaching pastors and teachers in the country. Experience a Bible-based church with a big heart. Ask questions and get answers from a pastor or teacher. 

We offer you an experience unlike any other service in the world. No more spending hours studying, praying and listening to sermons. With our state-of-the-art technology, the Bible Teaching Church is available to everyone and ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are many reasons why you would want to attend a Bible Teaching Church. You might want to attend one because you want to hear the truth taught by God’s Word, or you might want to fellowship with other believers. If these are your reasons, then Bible Teaching Church is for you. Providing affordable and accessible Bible teaching in a safe and non-judgmental environment, Bible Teaching welcomes you to join us as we guide you to grow closer to God. We have a variety of ministries tailored to your needs and desires. 

Bible Teaching Church That Preaches The Word Of God

Join our Bible Teaching Church in a fun and interactive way! Whether you are a full time Christian, a believer or want to learn about the Bible and grow your relationship with God, Bible Teaching Church preaching God’s word to those who want to learn about the Bible and grow in their faith. Bible Teaching Church is for you!

Bible Teaching Church brings authentic biblical teaching and worship to the world. Do you desire to know God more? Experience the joy of knowing Him more each day? Join us and you’ll be in good company. Our mission is to share God’s love with others and around the world.

We are a Bible Teaching Church that preaches the Word of God and provides outreach, education and support for our congregation and community. You can come to us to meet new friends, find your way back to God or grow in your relationship with Jesus. The Bible teaches believers how to live their lives. We believe it is up to each of us to know how to live our lives in a godly way. The Bible provides information and understanding about any situation we find ourselves in. Not only do we want to teach the truth to others, but we also want others to feel welcome and loved when they visit our church.

The Bible is the living Word of God, and it’s time for you to hear it more. Our church is a place where you can gather with friends and family in a place where the Bible is preached, taught and studied. We preach God’s word and make sure we are on target by using Bible teaching in church services, it’s a biblical way to find God’s grace and salvation. You won’t feel like you’re being preached to, you’re being listened too.

It’s time to go back to church! We believe that the Bible is God’s instruction manual for life and that church should be a place to learn, grow and serve. We provide Bible teaching classes on Sundays, a live service on Wednesdays and Saturday nights for those who are interested in getting to know God better.

Our children will learn about God’s love for each of us, learn about His wonderful Word and what it means for their lives, and have the opportunity to apply His Word to everyday life. Find the missing piece of your life in the Bible. Experience Jesus’ love and guidance for yourself. Find new friends, a community and a home for your soul.

Bible Teaching Church Near Me

Bible Teaching Church Near Me is a website and app that helps you find a Bible teaching church near you. You can search by zip code, city or state and find churches that are open to everyone, regardless of denomination. The Bible is more than a book, it’s a living word. It is a guide for life. There are so many opportunities to share the Gospel with someone near you, whether it’s through social media, your church’s email list or even next door. That’s why we built a Bible Teaching Church Near Me

It’s never been easier to find a local church in your area. Bible Teaching Church Near Me is the only app you’ll ever need to help you find the best Bible teaching church near you. Whether you’re looking for a church for your next Sunday service or Bible study, we’ve got you covered.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible Teaching Church Near Me. Our Sunday morning services are designed to give you the opportunity to learn from God’s Word, grow in your faith, and experience the power of community.

Try a church you’ll love! Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible teaching church located in Lexington. Our vision is to live out our faith as we seek to understand God’s grace and love through personal faith and relationship with Him. Join us as we lead the city in prayer and worship, discover how we are all sinners saved by grace and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Calvary Chapel Lexington offers biblical teaching and a wide range of Christian services. Our staff are committed Christians who love to see people grow in their faith. We are known for our genuine service to the community with an emphasis on welcoming and worshiping people of all ages and backgrounds. 

We emphasize both teaching and practicing God’s Word through Sunday morning sermons, Sunday school classes, Wednesday night Bible studies and a variety of outreach ministries. Come learn the biblical truth about God, Jesus and the gospel for yourself here in Lexington. We offer Bible teaching classes for adults and children.  We are a Christian church in Lexington that is on campus and has a large auditorium with padded walls.

Our ministries are available for all ages and stages. Join us as we minister to one another in the love of Jesus Christ, in Bible studies and through weekly Sunday morning services. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible-based church that seeks to live out the good news of Jesus Christ in our community through intentional discipleship, relevant worship and service.

Is Calvary Chapel Lexington A Bible Teaching Church?

We are an evangelical Bible Teaching Church with a history of more than 100 years. Our desire is to win people to Christ and help them grow in their faith. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible Teaching Church and a great place to raise your children. Our staff is committed to teaching the Bible faithfully and the congregation is excited to learn more.

We believe that teaching God’s Word to the lost is our top priority. That’s why we appoint a Bible teacher to lead our teaching time with the congregation on Sundays. What does it look like to have the opportunity to talk about Jesus and His Word? We have some resources for you. Calvary Chapel Lexington teaches the Bible and we take it seriously. We are not a cult, a new age church, or anything else. We are not perfect, but we are working to get there.

At Calvary Chapel Lexington our desire to love God and neighbor leads us to get involved in the life of the community. We serve our neighbors with a variety of charitable ministries, it’s never been easier to begin a Bible Teaching Church journey with Calvary Chapel Lexington! Whether you’re looking to do a Bible study, Sunday school or want to get connected, we have the perfect church programs for you. With small group Bible lessons and opportunities to grow in study and service. With a deep love for Jesus, an unwavering belief in Christ’s redeeming love and a passionate devotion to sharing that with everyone we meet and encourage, Calvary Chapel Lexington is the perfect place to bring your family. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible Teaching Church. Our desire is to teach the Bible, share the gospel and help people have a personal relationship with Jesus through Bible study, worship, outreach and community.