Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

Welcome to Calvary Chapel Lexington, we are a church that is Bible based and speaks on Jesus, we provide a fresh and relevant message for the 21st century. We are a Jesus-speaking church where we offer services that appeal to all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds. With our wide-ranging ministry opportunities and welcoming community, you’ll find your spiritual home at Calvary Chapel Lexington. The Bible speaks with a voice of power, so let the Bible speak to you.

Join the Lexington SC Bible Based Church that speaks on Jesus. We’ve made it easy for you to find us by providing a map of our location. Please feel free to come and visit us. We are happy that you have made the choice to follow Jesus and we are excited to see where God will lead you.

We believe Bible-based teaching is the best way to connect people to God and transform lives. We want to see you grow in your journey with our Lord Jesus Christ! Come join us for worship to God, or pick up the phone and give us a call.

Here at Calvary Chapel Lexington, we preach and teach the Bible, the whole Bible. Our staff is made up of people who love God and love to learn, helping you not only understand what the Bible is saying but how it’s saying it. We use a variety of teaching styles to reach people with the truth of God’s word.

Whether you are new or coming back to church, at our Lexington SC Bible Based Church we want to welcome you into a community of faith and friendship. Our mission is to speak God’s Word in a way that will change lives and build healthy marriages, families, businesses, and churches.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, this is our message. It is time for you to get connected with the right church in Lexington SC. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ so they in turn can make disciples. We believe in the Bible as the word of God and want to stand on the word of God as our foundation for everything.

We are a vibrant, liturgical, bible-based church that offers Bible-centered teachings, we believe in the authority of scripture and invite everyone to come. Join this local church in Lexington and get involved in the life of the church. With a strong congregation, this is one of the largest churches in South Carolina.

If you’ve been looking for a church that speaks on Jesus, we’re it. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible-based church devoted to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Lexington SC Bible Based Church we are focused on the mission of reaching people for Jesus Christ and the Gospel through a variety of outreach activities. Our services include Bible Study, Worship, Prayer Group, and more! We are open for you!

Where To Listen To The Word Be Preached At A Lexington SC Bible Based Church

If you’re looking for a church that puts Jesus and the Bible first, come to Calvary Chapel Lexington. We believe that the word of God is vital for your life, so in our congregation you can listen to the sermons that will change your life, Jesus Christ is the hope of your salvation. Join us as we explore what it means to be Christian in America today. Calvary We are Lexington SC Bible Based Church where you can learn the Bible and grow in your faith.

With Lexington SC Bible Based Church, you get the best: a church community and preaching, you’ll always hear about God’s Word. We are a Lexington SC Bible Based Church that is open for you. It’s time for you to take your faith to a new level. To find the path that is right for you, come to Calvary Chapel Lexington, where we believe in the Word of God. The best place to hear the Word preached live is at our temple, a Bible-based church that offers services each week. We believe in the power of God’s Word and encourage our members to trust in the Lord for their needs.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church that believes in the Bible. We follow the Word of God as “the living and active word of God” (Hebrews 4:12). We believe Jesus is the Son of the living God who has the ultimate authority over all areas of life, join us for worship and hear the Word preached by the pastor.

If you are looking for a church to attend or listen to the word preached in this city, it is good to attend our place. The Bible is the source of Christian doctrine and worship. You can hear the Word preached at a Lexington SC Bible-based church by attending the church service!

Lexington SC Bible Based Church that believes in the Bible as the word of God, not the word of men. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church ministry that is based on the Bible, the word of God, our temple is the best place to hear and learn from the Bible. We have been preaching the word of God in Lexington for years and we hope you will join us soon!

The Bible is a book of salvation-God’s promises to redeem you. God’s Word will change your life and transform you into the person He has called you to be. 

When you’re looking for a new place to go, why not go to a Bible-based church? Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible-based church, and you’re going to love it. Come on out and listen to the word preached!

Why Choose A Lexington SC Bible Based Church?

To grow spiritually it is necessary to attend a church where the true doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ is preached, Calvary Chapel Lexington is a church based on the Bible. We believe that God’s Word is the truth, and that it contains everything we need to know to live a life of purpose and meaning. 

Choose a Lexington SC church that puts the Bible at the center of its ministry. Our church is a place where people can feel safe and accepted, not just because it’s a Christian neighborhood, but because our Bible-centered theology will fill you with the love of God. So if you’re looking for a church, look at Calvary Chapel Lexington to fulfill your spiritual needs.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is an independent, evangelical church that offers a whole lot more than just a place to worship, we are a community of people where you can come and feel welcome and at home. We offer students the opportunity to learn about God and grow in faith through our services. We have live music, children’s ministry programs, community events, and many other opportunities for worshipers of all ages!

Our mission is to establish a church that is true to God’s Word, faithful to the ordinances He has established, and faithful to the members who are drawn by His love. We equip, disciple and send out those who have been placed in our care. 

The Bible is the foundation of Christianity. Our Lexington SC Bible Based Church is founded upon the Holy Scriptures, where all that is taught about Jesus Christ and His teachings are based on these sacred texts. The Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible-based church that welcomes people with open arms. We are a Lexington SC Bible Based Church for those who want to take their faith seriously and provide them an inspirational environment where they can grow.

We are known for our convivial ministry, with members constantly meeting and greeting one another.

If you have not visited a church yet, please use this opportunity to come and worship with us. Our music is always uplifting, and our love-filled approach to worship always leaves guests with a deep sense of peace.

Our Lexington SC Bible Based Church is a place for all people to come, especially those who have been hurt and have questions about their faith in Jesus. With a friendly community and great location, it’s easy to see why Calvary Chapel Lexington is a good choice for Christian Church.

Lexington SC Bible Based Church That Speaks The Truth

If you want to be a part of a church that speaks the truth, then come to Calvary Chapel Lexington. If you are looking for a great community of people who share the same values, then we are the place for you. You’ll find a community of people who love Jesus and are passionate about preaching the gospel while educating you in Bible teaching. Filling up on Jesus is a must for your spiritual well-being, come to Calvary Chapel Lexington and immerse yourself in the Bible’s teachings and sermons to get the most out of your day.

Our Lexington SC Bible Based Church roots itself in scripture and truth. We are here to not only build healthy relationships with our community, but also to help people through the process of discerning their own path to salvation. Whether you’re a new member or have been attending for years, we’re glad to have you in our family.

The Calvary Chapel Lexington is an intentional family of believers that seeks to teach the gospel and promote spiritual growth through Jesus Christ, our Lexington SC Bible Based Church is a family of believers that fellowship together in word and deed. We invite you to come and experience an extraordinary life of worship, service, and community. We are a Bible-based church and home for all people! We believe in the person, work and message of Jesus Christ, as well as in the Bible’s God-breathed authority.

The Bible is the only book that is without error. The bible can speak to all areas of life and provides hope and peace. We are a Bible-based church that speaks the truth, and we believe that the Bible is the only source to eternal life!

Join a church where the Bible is not just a book, but our foundation for teaching and discipleship. Our mission is to always be grounded in The Word of God, and to live by it. Join us for Bible studies to connect with our community of believers. The Bible is the foundation of salvation, hope, and the love of God, we believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God and our church holds to the fullness of scripture. We want you to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live a happy, abundant life. You will be amazed at how God can change your life when you follow Him!

Lexington SC Bible Based Church Near Me

If you are searching for a Church near me and you want the word of God to be your guide, then Calvary Chapel Lexington is the place for you. We provide a variety of services, including bible-based spiritual counseling, children’s ministries, adult ministries, church camps and retreats. Our goal is to make Jesus Christ known, loved, and served! We believe in an in-depth Bible study and teaching that includes the search for truth and relationship with God.

We are a warm and welcoming church community that seeks to live in the presence of God, to worship, to teach, and to learn. Our goal is to be a Lexington SC Bible Based Church that blesses our friends and neighbors with the love of Jesus Christ.

We are a Christ-centered church providing a community for all ages. You’ll find a place that is full of hope, love, and ideas for leading your life well. We offer sermons, Bible studies, choir and praise team opportunities, youth ministry and other activities. We are a Bible-based church that offers authentic Christian worship, lessons and small groups for children and adults.

Our Lexington SC Bible Based Church is a temple near you, be a part of a community where the Bible is taught and understood. We pray together, work together, and support each other in our walk with Jesus Christ, we’re simple and welcoming. Our Bible-based beliefs center on God’s love and values that are found in the Old & New Testaments. Come walk with us on your journey to Christ today.

Our services are designed to help you grow in your relationship with God and become closer to each other as we learn how to listen and love one another in this life-changing journey we’re on together!

The mission of Calvary Chapel Lexington is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people in this community and throughout South Carolina. Our vision is to make a positive difference by inspiring people to live for Jesus through our ministry and community outreach.

If you are looking for a church that is built on the Bible and not tradition, you’ve found the right place. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Bible-based church near you with a lot of benefits, come visit us today! We are a church that seeks to follow Jesus Christ in his teachings and practices, we believe that serving God is the only solution to all of life’s problems.

We are a Lexington SC Bible Based Church where people are first of all people and not numbers. Where we care and love our neighbors. Where we are involved in the community and where we share the truth of God’s love, peace, forgiveness and grace.

Lexington SC Bible Based Church That Teaches The Bible

The Bible is the only thing that has been justly called the Word of God and the foundation of our faith. We believe the Bible is an infallible and literal word of God and our purpose is to teach people how to live life in accordance with the truth found in scripture, as well as apply it to their lives today. If you are looking for a church home, come join us at Calvary Chapel Lexington.

In addition to our weekly sermons and Bible studies, we want to offer you the chance to grow in your relationship with the Lord. Our Bible-based teachings are designed to equip you for the journey of life with Christ. We have a relationship with Jesus Christ, enjoy teaching the Bible and see each other as family.

Calvary Chapel Lexington is the best place to find a community that is based on the teachings of the Bible. We believe that everyone can find hope in Christ, whatever your situation may be. We teach the Bible, not doctrines of men because we are a Lexington SC Bible Based Church that teaches the Bible.

We are rooted in the Hebrew/Christian scriptures and we teach them as given to us, we believe that everyone is made in the image of God and was created with a purpose. It is our charge to invite all people to know, love, trust, and serve God and each other. We are a church that believes God’s Word is the only guide to how we should live. We believe in God’s Word, not our own opinions or opinions of others. We teach from God’s word and love our neighbors, so that we can be a blessing to all in need.

Attend spiritual guidance services, services with topics such as marriage, parenting, discipleship and more. This Lexington SC Bible Based Church is a place that teaches the bible! With a love for both God’s word and for people, we are committed to helping you understand who you are in Christ and to help you become the best person you can be. Calvary Chapel Lexington, is an evangelical church that teaches the Bible, it’s a place for people to come and find hope in a God who loves them and to be freed from the sins and failures that haunt their life, is just what you need.