Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

The Lexington South Carolina Church Sunday services are a true example of the impact that technology can have on our lives. We’ve fallen into a day and age when computers are being used to deliver content to our homes and businesses in a way that no human can do. You never know what will happen next in life, but you can be assured that you’re going to experience all of life’s greatest moments. You just stop what you are doing and listen. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Southern Evangelical Baptist Church that strives to explore the fullness of Christ, in all its manifestations. We seek to lead our community in a path of restoration and holiness, where we celebrate God’s gift to this world and the transforming power of His Word.

We hold sermons and testimony at the Lexington South Carolina Church on Sundays. Our mission is to promote Christlike values, spread the Gospel, and use our facility to serve the community. In our weekly worship services, we pair scripture with real-life, relevant stories that help us grow closer to God. We invite you as a part of Calvary Chapel Lexington to join us in worship and share your testimony to live out the life of Jesus Christ.

A church for the people of Lexington, South Carolina, Calvary Chapel Lexington is a Christian-based church committed to the people of Lexington, South Carolina. Calvary Chapel Lexington mission statement is:

1) To build a strong Christian community that helps people grow in their faith and live by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

2) To inspire and encourage the community to become more effective disciples of Jesus Christ.

3) to provide a theological framework for congregations to grow and serve their communities.

Members of Calvary Chapel Lexington South Carolina Church have come together to share in the message of the salvation of Jesus Christ. Their desire is to proclaim His good news to the lost, sinners in this world. Being in the presence of God is a powerful and holy experience. You’re invited to join Calvary Chapel to experience the power of being in the presence of God on a daily basis. Bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, each and every Sunday at Calvary Chapel Lexington.

Calvary Chapel has taken a bold step to bring the full service of a church to its congregation. This is done through a congregation-wide collaboration between the church and Calvary Chapel.

The ministry teams at Calvary Chapel gather, collaborate, and distribute resources directly to church teams throughout Lexington’s community to help them reach their calling. South Carolina Church Sundays are the best! Lexington South Carolina Church has one of the biggest Sunday services in South Carolina. It’s the perfect place to hold your next event, gathering, or get-together. Calvary Chapel Lexington believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and seeks to restore His glory through the power of Christ’s Word.

Preach the Word At A Lexington South Carolina Church

Preaching the Word is a group of young ladies who are mature and have an interest in preaching. They are looking for members to join their church, to be a part of their family, and a part of the community that it is so important for them to belong and be. Preaching the Word at Lexington South Carolina Church is a unique opportunity to witness to thousands of people in the spirit of the great hymns of faith, praise, and worship. We believe in the authority of Scripture. We believe you can be a church where content is king, not just a church that uses technology.

Lexington South Carolina Church is a non-denominational, evangelical church that practices the Word of Life. Each pastor and member is responsible for their own spiritual life. All members are expected to demonstrate their faith by sharing Christ’s love and grace with one another in worship and through prayer. Preach the Word at the church you love, in a way that’s meaningful to you. Get ready for a new era of preachers in South Carolina. The Lexington South Carolina Church provides a platform for your congregation to share their message with the world with a fresh, fresh mouth watering song, Bible verses, and testimonies.

Preaching the Word at a Lexington South Carolina Church is easy with Carolina Church. It’s where you can share your faith in an authentic way, using a custom interface and the best of your faith and social media skills. Turn your church into a self-performing, engaging, and successful event. Preaching has never been easier with Carolina Church’s Connecting Sermons (CCS) platform. It is a simple way to connect with friends and family online, sharing your sermon notes and other sermon-inspired content in just seconds!

Lexington South Carolina Church based church that broadcasts its sermons over the Internet and televises its liturgical services. We help you to preach the Word at a Lexington South Carolina Church. We do this by providing valuable insights on hundreds of church marketing plans and church finances!

Preaching is the most important part of your life. If a pastor is not able to inspire his flock with his message, he has no business being a pastor. Churches, youth groups, and schools can use Carolina Church’s Word to create a powerful message. We teach by example. We teach through stories. And we show people how to share those stories with others across the world in real time and on your mobile device, too. Your mobile church is not a mobile church, it’s a mobile church.

Your church business is on the line. Not every church should be a full-time ministry. It’s time to take a different approach and get back to sharing the Word of God through sermons and outreach events. You’re so ready to preach the Word! You know what’s right and you can’t wait to share your message with our congregation. Join us and be part of a church that preaches the Word with real passion, passion that puts Christ at the center of their lives.

Why Choose A Lexington South Carolina Church?

Lexington South Carolina Church is a place where you are surrounded by beautiful, friendly people. With so many churches being built in the area, it can be hard to find a place to worship that’s right for you. The Lexington South Carolina Church has been here for more than thirty years and it has been our mission to make sure that we are both welcoming and unequaled in our hospitality. The Lexington South Carolina Church is a growing congregation of people who are committed to spreading the word of God. We are also a family and have been. We want to introduce our church to new people who may not be aware of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We’d like to thank you for your interest in our church and home.  We strive to be a Christ-centered community, serving Him by supporting each other in faith growth opportunities, discipleship, evangelism, church planting, and more. We believe that when we serve God together we all make an impact on the lives of those around us. Lexington South Carolina Church believes it’s important for Christians to be involved in their local community. We are better when we are connected to people outside the church. We want to help our local church connect with the entire community we serve.

Our church family is filled with life, joy and laughter in every way. We have a friendly and fun atmosphere that welcomes you and your family to the altar to join in worship and fellowship with us. As a church, we believe that our church should do everything they can to make the world a better place and to be a leader in the gospel.

We are a local Church that is helping people in Lexington South Carolina Church to learn, to grow, and to connect with God. We are a family-owned church with a mission to reach out to the lost, unchurched, and needy people in our community. We provide single-use paper Bibles, water bottles, and other needed items to the community. You know you shouldn’t have to go to a church to get the music and preaching you want. On the other hand, you still want it. That’s where Lexington South Carolina Church comes in. We’ve been building for years, and we now have thousands of satisfied customers.

Bible Teaching At Lexington South Carolina Church

Bible teaching is an integral part of Christian life. Thus, Lexington South Carolina Church leaders are constantly faced with the challenge of designing effective teaching materials that will help their congregations grow and thrive.  The #1 Christian online community that lets you experience the power of God’s Word as never before. If you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned veteran, come join the Bible teaching family today.

Are you struggling to be relevant? Use Lexington South Carolina Church to quickly publish a study Bible in your local church. With Carolina Bible Teaching, the pastor of your congregation can be the first reader, and you can design your own study Bible based on the Bible you want to teach. We Specialize in helping people grow spiritually and increase their testimonies. Where Everyone Belongs. Where Everyone is Saved.

Our goal is to equip couples to be better Christians and better spouses in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church has a heart for social justice and wants to see the world’s Christians be just like us. We believe all people are created in the image of God and deserve life and liberty. We want to be fair, honest and Biblically sound in what we do.

Lexington South Carolina Church mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through accurate and relevant Bible Teaching. Lexington South Carolina Church is a bible teaching church. Our mission is to reach out to the community with the word of God and for this we have a team of people who are trained, passionate and love what they do.

The Bible teaching at Lexington South Carolina Church is presented in the local language of English, but with a local accent. The result is an authentic and understandable presentation that is a great resource for all kinds of churches, wherever they happen to be located. We believe that the Bible is more than just an education for us, it’s our life. It’s what fuels us and sustains us; it’s who we are. And we use that belief as inspiration for our Bible teaching, encouraging others with Christ’s love, grace, and guidance.

Bible teaching at Lexington South Carolina Church, a place where you can find many things that matter to you. Here you’ll find Bible teaching resources, church and non-church services, church activities, Christian books, church music, as well as a website to share and learn from. There’s no need to be a member of a local congregation. Anyone can join!

Lexington South Carolina Church Near Me

We are a church of faith and prayer. We are committed to serving the community through ministry and outreach in the local area. In addition, we strive to be a church that is open, friendly and welcoming. We seek to worship together as one body, in unity. The heart of faith, feeling the love shared by all who come together to worship. Lexington South Carolina Church is a modern-day community where people renew their baptismal vows and fill their hearts with new friendships.

Lexington South Carolina Church near me is a brand new church near me, with fresh and modern design. Lexington South Carolina Church near me is an exciting place to worship God, get out of town and experience the real South. We’re here to make all of our lives better, in one way or another. We can make it easier to do what we love and be better at what we do. That’s why we created Carolina Church, a small, community-based church in Lexington South Carolina. We want to help you live your life and do what you love in a way that makes you the happiest possible person.

We believe that Lexington, South Carolina is God’s beautiful creation. The evolution of this small town into a top-notch center for the arts, music, theater and film cannot be denied. Our church believes in the power of Jesus Christ and works to share His love, hope, and peace through the power of music, singing and prayer. As a pastor, we’re looking to engage in a deeper relationship with our community, and we need your help. We want to make it easy for you to connect with the people in your community so you can hear their stories, and help them find the life they’re looking for.

Carolina Church is a Lexington South Carolina Church near me and we are based in Lexington South Carolina. They are very active in the community and have a variety of ministries to offer their members. They aim to be a leader in the Christian ministry niche and believe that Christians should be involved in their community.

They are just a few of the great life-changing benefits that come with making a decision to enroll in Lexington South Carolina Church near me. Carolina Church Near Me provides services for Lexington South Carolina. The company’s business model is to deliver content to churches, offering them at an affordable price and in a way that enables churches to deliver it to their followers without buying advertising.

Lexington South Carolina Church That Teach The Bible

Lexington South Carolina Church is a traditional church with a mission of spreading the Word of God around to all people in the world. We believe in all believers being able to freely come to Christ and be born again by His Grace. We don’t preach the word of God, we teach it. The Lexington South Carolina Church that teaches the Bible. Would you like to be part of a great and growing church in South Carolina that teaches The Bible? Then, join the Lexington South Carolina Church that teaches the Bible, receiving our email newsletter, checking out our Facebook page, or just showing support by donating to our cause.

If you are a Christian, then you may be interested in attending this church’s services. They believe the Bible and are extremely conservative about what it says. They have been very vocal about their belief that the Bible is true and that Jesus Christ, truly is the Son of God and He died for our sins. We’re a church that teaches the Bible and the Word of God. We believe in Christ and Him crucified. We love people and ask them to follow Jesus Christ.

A Bible-centered church, maintaining a strong connection with the local community and surrounding areas. Offering a wide range of worship services, fresh prayer, food, fellowship and outreach efforts. Lexington South Carolina Church very own church dedicated to the Word Of God and teaching people through the power of the Bible. Our vision is to grow and support other local churches throughout the South. We currently have a small team of volunteer pastors, we are growing!