Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

Our Governing

Leadership by the Senior Pastor/Elders

We are lead primarily by the Senior Pastor, John Hoppe, who makes day in and day out decisions, along with staff, and consults with a group of Biblically qualified men known as Elders (I Timothy 3:1-10). John and the Elders meet regularly to provide spiritual and directional oversight for the church.

We are not a congregationally led church, although we encourage people to feel free to share any concerns they have. One of the things the Lord has been pleased to bless in Calvary Chapel is its emphasis upon servant leadership. This is the conviction among its pastors that the churches we pastor do not exist to serve us, but that we are called to serve and lay our lives down for them.

Pastors who consider themselves to be too important to do anything needed to serve the flock entrusted to them reveal that they have come to think of themselves as more self-important than our Lord. As pastors, we cannot represent our “Servant” Lord without being servants ourselves. Pride, harshness, a sense of self-importance, or a dictatorial spirit is inconsistent with Jesus’ example.

Leadership by Staff

The elders are also assisted by individual staff leaders or deacons who oversee specific ministries such as worship, children etc. The staff is accountable to the Senior Pastor. Currently there are 8 paid staff members. Staff positions are appointed by the Senior Pastor in tandem with the Elder Board.

Our Staff