Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Is Available During All Services)

Outreach Opportunities

The church engages in a variety of outreach opportunities throughout the year. The times, locations, and frequency may vary. We will have sign ups throughout the year; please contact the leader to confirm details.


To share the gospel with as many unbelievers within our community, state, nation and world through lifestyle evangelism and proclamation evangelism, and then to disciple those who are found.


FOOD PANTRY 2020 VISION…Feeding the Hungry in Our Community -Donate food to our food pantry to help meet needs in the community. All items can be dropped off on Sunday at the Welcome Center. Contact: Church Office | 803-951-2273 | info@cclexington.org
CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP– *Temporarily suspended due to covid!
We reach out to kids in public school with the CEF after school program. Commit 1.5 hrs. Contact: Laurie Bragdon | 803-849-2741 | bragdon@bellsouth.net

EZEKIEL MINISTRYMentoring kids either through the “after school program” or one on one. Contact: Sally Brown | 803-250-5451 | sally@ezeministries.org



PRISON SOFTBALL*Temporarily suspended due to covid! Monthly in the Spring and Summer; we play softball at various prisons in the South. Contact: Pastor Mike Nimer | 856-430-4976

1ST SUNDAY | INVITE A FRIEND SUNDAY– Invite a friend to the service by giving invitation cards AND RECEIVE A FREE Dunkin donut card. The gospel will be presented at the service.

Contact: Pastor Mike Nimer | 856-430-4976 | pastormike@cclexington.org

1ST SATURDAY AT 9AM | OLIVER GOSPEL MISSION -We serve at their mission thrift store. Contact: Susie Straka | 803-354-3073 | spankysu150@gmail.com

Serve, encourage, love, and teach the elderly. Contact: Cyndy Paulson | 360-7756741 |

3RD SATURDAY AT 10AM | HOMELESS OUTREACH – We will serve meals, pray and share with homeless at concessions of hope (Christ Central) Contact: Dave Eger | 803-223-4414 | deger52@aol.com

3RD SATURDAY AT 10AM | SPECIAL NEEDS OUTREACH*Temporarily suspended due to covid! Fellowship, minister to and serve the disabled and those with special needs at two locations.

Contact: Lara Nimer | 856-430-3742 | watermark91@hotmail.com

4TH SATURDAY AT 9:30 AM | OUTDOOR EVANGELISM —We share Christ with those in the Community. Contact: Pastor Mike Nimer | 856-430-4976 | pastormike@cclexington.org

4TH SATURDAY AT 11AM | PROVIDENCE HOME-Reach out to homeless men/veterans through fellowship, games, food & sharing Christ. Contact: Tim Schneider | 843-991-2491 |timothy.schneider9@yahoo.com

“A MOMENT OF HOPE” ABORTION MINISTRY– We train volunteers to come alongside pregnant and new moms to counsel and assist women considering abortion by providing alternative options and resources. Contact: Henry Williams | dominumh@gmail.com or Angie Snow | cangiesnow@gmail.com


GAS BUY DOWN – In Spring and Fall, we partner with a gas station to lower the gas price for people in our community, while handing out church information and bottled water. At the end of the outreach, we pay the gas station the difference. Contact: Pastor Mike Nimer | 856-430-4976 | pastormike@cclexington.org

DISASTER RELIEF– Engaging with Samaritan’s Purse in relief trips due to natural disasters. Trips are based on disasters and availability. Contact: John & Angie Snow | 803-480-7791 | johnsnow932@gmail.com


LaVIE PREGNANCY CENTER — We help by volunteering and providing money at the Baby Bottle Campaign, as well as volunteer opportunities such as counseling. Find out more at: www.laviesc.org

Contact: Heidi Hoppe | 803-730-6775 | csc@cclexington.org

EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE — We invite community to our Sunrise service where gospel is presented

V.B.S.- VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL —This outreach is for Calvary kids and those in the community. Contact: Crystal Scott | 803-931-6537 | crystalscott@cclexington.org

4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS — A community-wide commercial grade fireworks show on July 4th at 9pm, along with free food beginning at 7pm.

OCTOBER |OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD — We hand out shoe boxes each year beginning in October, and ask people to fill them with toys. They are delivered to kids overseas through Samaritans Purse. Contact: Youth Pastors, Greg Burroughs |803-422-5665 | greg@cclexington.org or Austin Cox | 803-318-7234 | austin@cclexington.org

FALL FESTIVAL— Annually, we engage in a Fall festival on campus and invite the community.

U.S. /OVERSEAS MISSION TRIP— Annually, we will travel to a city in the US and overseas to share the gospel with the lost and disciple those who are found. Our goal is to partner with another church in the area. We will go and engage in reciprocal ministries. Contact: Steve Cromer | 803-467-9518 | sgcromer@bellsouth.net