Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)
  1. The Amount of God’s Love:
    • How does the concept of God’s love being described as vast and immeasurable impact your understanding of His character?
  2. The Object of God’s Love (is the Whole World):
    • In what ways does recognizing that God’s love extends to the whole world challenge our perspectives on inclusivity and compassion?
  3. The Expression of God’s Love (He Gave):
    • Reflect on instances in your life where sacrificial giving demonstrated love. How does God’s act of giving His Son exemplify the highest form of love?
  4. The Reception of God’s Love (Whoever Believes):
    • How do you reconcile the idea of God’s love being available to “whoever believes” with the concept of God’s sovereignty? What role does personal choice play in receiving His love?
  5. The Intervention of God’s Love (He rescues us):
    • Share personal experiences or stories of individuals being rescued or redeemed by God’s love. How does this intervention shape our understanding of God’s grace?
  6. The Duration of God’s Love (Eternal Life):
    • Discuss the implications of eternal life as a result of God’s love. How does this impact our perspective on temporal challenges and trials?
  7. The Heart of God’s Love (All would come to repentance):
    • How does the desire for all to come to repentance align with our understanding of God’s justice and mercy? What role does repentance play in experiencing God’s love?
  8. Personal Reflection on God’s Love:
    • Take a moment to personally reflect on a time when you deeply felt God’s love. How did it impact your life, decisions, or relationships?
  9. Application of God’s Love:
    • How can we practically express God’s love in our daily lives, considering the seven wonders discussed? Share specific examples or ideas.
  10. Sharing God’s Love with Others:
    • Discuss strategies for effectively sharing the message of God’s love with others, considering the inclusivity and sacrificial nature highlighted in John 3:16-17.