Weekly Service Times:   Sunday @ 9:00 & 11:00 am   Wednesday @ 7:00 pm (Childcare Available Sun 9&11am, Wed 7pm)

Follow the path of hope through West Columbia SC Christian Churches that through their programs and services will foster unity within the Body of Christ and within the family. Find out how you can experience the power of Christ and help your family draw closer to God by joining a church near you! Are you looking for a Christian church that meets your needs? West Columbia SC Christian Churches are the answer. Have you made an important decision to follow Christ, and now you need a church to make that decision a reality in your life? Get all the tools and resources you need to change your life at West Columbia SC Christian Churches by planning your visit with us. These churches have a wide variety of activities and services to worship God.

Do you need help in the Christian Family? At West Columbia SC Christian Churches we can help you, we are a Christian family that loves the Word of God. The mission of these churches is to serve and glorify God through spiritual worship, fellowship, education, and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Calvary Chapel Lexington is a thriving and growing community with a strong heritage of faith. We invite you and your family to join us in praising God with our lives and fulfilling our mission. A church is a network of people who care about each other and about God’s will for their lives. Are you someone who wants to know more about God’s will for your life? Then you should join Calvary Chapel Lexington!

Calvary Chapel Lexington is a place where Christians gather to worship God, learn, and fellowship. We want you to know that you are welcome at any of our churches and we are here for you. Looking for a church in West Columbia SC? Then you are in the right place, we are here to serve you. Churches are places where God wants us to meet. Are you looking for a place that meets your needs? Whatever you’re asking, Iglesias Cristianas has the answers to your needs. Calvary Chapel Lexington represents the Christian family in the state of South Carolina, with friendly pastors and staff who work with a mission, serving the needs and desires of their people. West Columbia SC Christian Churches takes you through the stories of the Bible to guide the family creating a positive impact in the community. When you are looking for a church to attend a service, at Calvary Chapel Lexington you can attend various services that will fill your soul.

What To Look For In Your West Columbia SC Christian Churches.

Experience the Christian life at West Columbia SC Christian Churches who are on a journey to equip new Christians with every spiritual advantage and opportunity. Our churches are a place to worship God, also a place to grow and learn, they are places where we learn about Jesus Christ and what it means to be a follower of the Lord. Churches are an important part of the community, and we are sure that we will probably find the right one. At West Columbia SC Christian Churches we have a team of insatiable Christians who seek God and can help you.

If you are a person who is losing their way, or one who is losing the desire to go to church, find the place you need in West Columbia SC Christian Churches. We are a group of churches that want to help you. One of our goals is to be a resource for you when looking for your next church. If you want a church in West Columbia that is faithful to the Word of God, exposing it to the light and making it available to all people, let Calvary Chapel Lexington help you. Choose the church that is right for you and your family.

The type of churches that are best for your faith. With this guide, you will find the types of churches you can count on for your salvation and membership. Find your Christian Church at Calvary Chapel Lexington and learn more about the ministry. We are the local church for your community. We have a wide variety of services and events to satisfy everyone’s soul, whether you’re seeking worship, inspiration, or edification. We believe in the power of Jesus to transform lives, and that through him we can all be reconciled with God and be right with the world around us. When you want to reach the people you love, you need the most powerful and trusted tool available: God’s Word, and we teach it here! We invite you to join West Columbia SC Christian Churches!

Want to find out how West Columbia SC Christian Churches can help you? Then visit us and find out how we can be a part of your life today! Our mission is to help you be part of the body of Christ, the Word of God is the only foundation for our churches and we believe that it is essential to do whatever it takes to live it. No matter your condition: God wants to restore you to a full life with Him! Jesus can give you everything you need in your life.

How To Choose A West Columbia SC Christian Church That Fits Your Needs?

If you want to find a West Columbia SC Christian Church that meets your needs, this page is for you. To choose a suitable church, you must find one that serves and worships God in spirit and truth, fears His Name, and serves one another as believers. At Calvary Chapel Lexington we have a growing family that can help you. We are a church that adapts to your needs, we offer God worship and biblical teaching to people so that they grow and learn more in their spiritual journey.

We have the tools to help you, whether it’s your first time at church or you’ve been away from the Lord and want to return to Him, we’ve got you covered! Do you need a Calvary Chapel Lexington that is in a location near you and within walking distance? Then this guide is right for you. West Columbia SC Christian Church is a great option for new members, offering a variety of places to attend. Take a closer look at West Columbia SC Christian Church and its mission, history, and ministries to find the church that fits your needs. The West Columbia SC Christian Church is dedicated to bringing God’s presence to all who seek him. The Holy Spirit is powerful! Instead of denying his existence and power, Christians should listen to him. At West Columbia SC Christian Church, you can join people in the presence of God.

Find a local church near you by accessing one of ours, they fit your needs! If you’re looking for a church near West Columbia, SC, stop by. This is what we offer: a good Christian center, a dedicated pastor, friendly people, a good Bible study, true worship of God, all in one place! Search the West Columbia SC area for Calvary Chapel Lexington and find in us the one that fits your needs. Looking for the right Christian church and want to know the details so you can find one that fits your needs? Our West Columbia SC Christian Church is here to help you and your family grow. Christian churches are a fundamental part of the life of our community and its church. Join a growing community of Christian churches that are open to all, regardless of race or color. We invite you to visit our West Columbia SC Christian Church. Do you go to church but don’t know where? It is important that you find one that fits your needs.

What To Expect In West Columbia SC Christian Churches?

In the Christian churches of West Columbia SC you will find a full range of ministries and outdoor activities, while still being a Christian church. West Columbia SC Christian Churches are a great place to meet people. Our church offers a wide variety of services that are flexible to accommodate schedules. Just what you need: a Christian atmosphere and godly thoughts and values. We are a congregation of followers of Jesus Christ, serving the needs of members and visitors alike. We encourage you to visit us to discover everything we do.

Finding the right church for your family is so important, at Calvary Chapel Lexington we can help families connect with their local church. We are here to help you with the truth needed for your spiritual journey with Christ. You don’t need an expensive system or a lot of money to make a difference! It’s never too early to start planning to attend church. . The church is a community, and it is essential that you be a part of that community. Churches are places of worship for God, their members have the role of spreading his word to other people, that is what we do at Calvary Chapel Lexington, we share God’s message! It is important that you attend a Christian church. It is important that you bring The Good News of Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him, come and join our members to fulfill God’s call on your life!

Churches are a place of love and the place where people come to worship the living God. But they are also a place of worship, community and life transformation. Churches are meant to witness and bring people together, not tear them apart. West Columbia SC Christian Churches are different, we are a community. West Columbia SC Christian Churches are dynamic, inspiring, and life-changing places that enable people to grow in their faith by connecting them with the God they long for. We will help you grow spiritually strong and healthy. Meet the Christian churches that care about you and your family. The Christian Church serves as an anchor for those who wish to follow God’s will in their lives. In this age, people are under attack from different angles, but in Christ Jesus we are not alone. Behind every Christian church is a community of leaders who have the God-given knowledge and skills to reach people with the gospel message.

Events And Activities You Can Find In A West Columbia SC Christian Church.

The West Columbia SC Christian Church has a variety of events and activities where you can enjoy the Presence of God. From fellowship to revivals, there’s something at church to keep you busy. We host a variety of events throughout the year, from worship services to family activities and more. Experience the best of working and praying with your church in a group setting at each Sunday service or during one of our retreats. No matter where you are, when you come to the Christian Church, there will always be an activity that you can do. Our purpose is to help everyone understand the beauty of God and his Son, Jesus Christ, and to share the wonder and joy of it with others.

Looking for a church that puts the Word of God first in all its activities? Calvary Chapel Lexington, the West Columbia SC Christian Church is your answer. We take the Bible seriously and our worship services to God are designed to be deep and powerful. We specialize in events and activities for members of our church. We can help you too. We are a community founded on Jesus Christ and His Word, with religious services offered during the week, including prayer, Bible study, and other spiritual activities. A church is not only a place of worship, but also a place for Christ to live in the hearts of the people who worship there. At our West Columbia SC Christian Church you will find events, activities and classes that will help you grow in your walk with Christ. We are a passion-driven, God-centered group of people seeking to improve the quality of life for all who attend. God is our Creator and it is his will that we live in such a way that our lives can please him.

Experience our worship services, community events, and more at one of West Columbia’s churches. We invite you to stop by here! Get access to all church events and activities. Find here all the great events and activities that a Christian church can offer. We are a West Columbia SC Christian Church that unites in worship to God with an authentic community and ministry, we are a committed and growing community. We are a Christian church in a city where we do large, interactive events. At this award-winning church, you’ll find everything from group activities for kids to time to worship God and study the Bible. Our congregation includes people of all ages and backgrounds. We provide services to God and can help you find the right place for his soul as well as connect with Christ.

Making The Most of Your West Columbia SC Christian Church Experience.

Get the most out of your West Columbia SC Christian Church experience. It may be the first time you attend to get freedom, take advantage! West Columbia SC Christian Church is one of the best places to worship God. Calvary Chapel Lexington serves as a spiritual caretaker and conduit for youth, families, and nearby communities. Our goal is to make your church experience more meaningful, enjoyable, and more. The Christian Church of West Columbia SC is a thriving community of people from many backgrounds united in a common belief in Jesus Christ and seeking to be true to his teachings. We want you to grow in our congregation and give you the tools to do so as well. Our mission is to be a place of hope, love and reconciliation for our community. We believe that God has called us to remain faithful to the way he created us in his image. We want to do this together by reaching everyone through our church and we want to be part of the transformation in his life.

We encourage you to discover the best and make the most of each day. West Columbia SC Christian Church has a wide variety of services for all your needs. These services are voluntary, so contact us to learn more about what churches in the area offer. Meet the pastor and learn more. Find the right church for you and what you’re looking for at Calvary Chapel Lexington. The church is everything you’ve ever needed. It is the place where you go to worship God with people who love him, it is a place to grow old and feel at home, or to see a vision that lingers after the service is over. Looking for a place to worship God? Look no further! Our West Columbia SC Christian Church is the place to be, whether you’re looking for a venue or a weekend retreat. Put this church on your calendar today! You can join our community and find much more information about everything we have to offer.

Make the most of your experience at West Columbia SC Christian Church! Be a person who engages in meaningful fellowship, grows in knowledge of the Word, and is a catalyst for change. We are a very active church dedicated to helping people draw closer to God and experience a deeper intimacy with Him. Our goal is to help you find what you need to make your time with us spiritually enriching. Jesus changes lives through the Holy Spirit and He wants to do it with you!